Jill Valentine's "Lost in Nightmares" To Arrive As DLC Also

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Lost in Nightmares is an additional scenario that was originally announced for inclusion in PlayStation 3's Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition. The scenario allows players to take control of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in a scene that was originally shown as a flashback in RE5.      
Capcom have today announced plans to distribute Jill Valentine's "Lost in Nightmares" episode as DLC for the domestic version of Resident Evil 5. This decision comes after a voting session on the Capcom Unity forums. 
Capcom have yet to disclose a price point for the upcoming DLC, It's also unknown whether the DLC on the PS3 version will allow for motion controls using the PS3's upcoming Wand device. Capcom have yet to say anything in relation to this.  

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I bet we shoot some zombies in the Spencer's Estate and that's it.

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@Alphiehyr said:
" I bet we shoot some zombies in the Spencer's Estate and that's it. "
that's it!
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It's such a pitty that we didn't get to see much of Jill in this game. I wanted to see that sexy body move. Looks like they'll show quite a bit of her in the DLC, except not in that sexy leotard latex outfit.
P.S If I was to choose my death, I'd like to have her thighs wrapped around my neck.

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