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Hmmm, well me and a friend were just discussing how we'd like to see Barry Burton make an appearance as a DLC Character for Mercenaries in RE5... well it got me thinking, who do you guys and gals want to see released (if CAPCOM give into fanservice and start fucking giving us what we want damn it!)

Character: Barry Burton
Costume: S.T.A.R.S.

44. Colt Anaconda (Magnum)
Samurai Edge (Handgun, for gameplay's sake)
Incendiary Grenades x 5
First Aid Spray

Head Stun: Overhand
Arm Stun (Front): Gut-Punch
Arm Stun (Back): Elbow
Leg Stun (Front): Flying Knee
Leg Stun (Back): Execution (Handgun Style)
Floor Stun: Elbow Drop 
Combo A: Clothes Line
Combo B: Drop Kick

What are your ideas?

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The guy from the terrible RE box:

I'm not sure what that gun is but I'm sure it has some kick to it.

EDIT:  Obviously a joke, but imagine if they actually did put him in the game looking just like he does on the box?  Thatd be just too funny.

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Billy Coen...( :P )

Costume unlockables:
1. Default RE0 attire.
2. Marine corp uniform, jungle camo.

Custom Military issue handgun.
2. Hunting Rifle
3. Flash grenades-2
4.Handgun Ammunition-30
5.Shotgun Ammunition-10
6. Grenade Launcher w/ Freeze Rounds.

Weapons-Marine corp uniform, jungle camo.
Carbine assault rifle.
2.PSG1 Sniper Rifle.
3. Hand Grenades-2
4.Assault rifle ammunition-120
5.Sniper ammunition-20
6.First Aid spray.

Melee Moves

Majini shot to face=Knee lift to majini face.
Majini shot to the shoulder=Roundhouse kick.
Majini shot to the delicates=Straight kick to the face.
Instant kill from behind=Knife stab through the neck.
Super-ultra-xxx-attack of enermous proportians=running drop kick!! XD

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I like that execution style kill you did with barry. That would be pretty kick ass. 

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Character: The Shopkeeper (no, not that one) from Resident Evil 2.
Costume: Plain Clothes

First Aid Spray x2
Vanilla Ithica Shotgun (no upgrades)
Shotgun Shells x15

(All stuns are taunts, rather than physical attacks)
Head Stun: Woah!
Arm Stun (Front): Sorry!
Arm Stun (Back): Oh No!!
Leg Stun (Front): ARRGGHHHHH!
Leg Stun (Back): What are you doing?!
Floor Stun: Sorry about that!
Combo A: I thought you were a zombie!!
Combo B: This city is infested with zombies!

Basicly, he runs around shouting lots of things for a while before running outta ammo and dying :P

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Character: Rebecca Chambers.
Costume: S.T.A.R.S.

All first aid spays except for a pistol

Only 1 stun: 
Healing Majini (thats really all she's good for!) 
But I totally agree with Barry and Billy, Badass I was thinking the same thing. Maybe bring Hunk and Krauser back cause the were the shit!

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you guys should check out this forum for re5 skins:

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