Problem with the new dlc

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potential spoilers...
I quit the mission once you head down into the basement area. It said it was saving and yet... I wasnt able to resume my game. I tried again re did it up until the point where you have to find the three cranks. I found two and then ran out of time.  So I quit again and, it said it was saving again, and yet still not resumable.
Am I missign something?

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 I'm pretty sure that the new DLC mini-campaigns don't save at all, you have to beat them in one sitting, though considering they're only supposed to be like, two or three hours long, that's almost reasonable.
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like deusoma said, it seems like they're designed to beat in one sitting, which isn't much to ask for considering the length. 

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lol...I wish it was at least 2-3 hours long.

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