RE5 Run and Gun Controls?

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So I was playing Resident Evil 5 demo for the billionth time (I'm so hyped right now!!!) and I wonder: People are complaining about the controls in the game when you have to stand and shoot without any strafing.

But I also heard that there can be a control change to where it is somewhat of a Run and Gun a la Gears of War scheme. Is that true and if so, why are people STILL complaining about the old controls if they know that there is a new control mechanic?

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The "Gears style" control scheme only allows strafing while you aren't aiming. So you can't move while shooting.

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I'm pretty sure thats not true. The game designers wanted it the way it is for a reason. If it is true, its kinda lame.

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The "action control" scheme or Gears of War run-and-gun control scheme was mostly a product of this video, which appeared in the Inside Xbox section of the 360 dashboard around the same time the demo was released. However, there have been at least a few stories which report that the out-of-control marketing guy in the video was blowing hot air. Here's one from and another from Although that video got my hopes up about the extra control scheme, I began to wonder about it the more I thought about it. That type of drastic control scheme change would likely throw the whole game balance off that Capcom has no doubt been tweaking for months. I'm actually not too worried about it though. I've had a blast with every RE game I have played.

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Run, stop, gun.

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It isn't really run and gun, it is "shoot, stop, strafe". It is a bit unwieldy. I will wait to see how it is.

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No, one of my friends spooks around CapComunity so much and they sent him a review version, and according to him, the game has only one control scheme and if you get used to it, it will be fun, But because he enjoyed playing CoD: WaW, I'm sure that i'll hate this game, just like RE4. missing Code Veronica so much.

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Controls are classic resident evil controls (with a few exceptions) Ive played the demo and did not like controls at first but once you get use to them I believe this will be one of the funnest games of 09

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I just don't like them because they feel pretty dated.

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I think the Gears of War style controls are Type-D if I'm not mistaken, and I love them. You can't move while shooting but you can strafe and rotate the camera much easier in the mode, making the controls feel smooth and less clunky.

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If they're gonna make RE:5 as actioney as it is, doesn't make sense to have nerfed the controls akin to the old atmospheric RE games. It's not like Capcom hasn't already used a more western control system -see Lost Planet- for one of their games and have it work.

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bjorno said:
"Run, stop, gun."

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