RE5 vs. L4D

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Alright, the last game that I bought was Halo 3. I'm planning on buying something new and I'm interested by Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead. I don't have Xbox Live, but my friends come over to play a lot. I think that I'm more of a fast-paced kind of guy, but the campaign in Resident Evil looks good too. Can you guys maybe highlight a few perks and disadvantages to each game? Thanks.

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If you're really out of gaming for a years, the best thing to buy is GTA IV and then Fable II. If I'm mistaken and you played Halo 3 after playing these two, well of course RE5 is better and more appropriate for a console. Left4Dead is good for online gaming and since you don't own a XBL account, it's better to buy Re5. Single Player part of L4D is limited to 4 campaigns and each of them have a few levels on them. it's fruastering.

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I thought Left 4 Dead was online only?

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If you don't play online then don't get L4D. You can play through it with bots, but that's not really how the game was designed to be played. It also only has 4 levels so without XBL you could probably play the hell out of it during a rental and be done with it. I'd say go with RE5.

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I heard the Split-Screen in L4D is only two player only, by the way.

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Simple RE5 Co-op and Mercenary mode
L4D Co-op and Short but fun Campaign

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Buy an Xbox live account.

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Left 4 Dead all the way

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LiquidPrince said:
"I thought Left 4 Dead was online only?"
Foolish mortal, of course L4D has offline play.
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They're both great, but also, both are best w/ friends.  XBL is essential to really enjoy all that both games have to offer imo, and an absolute requirement for LFD. SP-wise I'd go w/RE5 as it is still very fun and deep enough to enjoy and appreciate playing sp(the buddy AI is fine despite what many may say)...the production values alone are something that shouldn't be missed, let alone the gameplay, which is great anyway imo.

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You mentioned fast-paced, and L4D is paced alot more quicker than RE5. L4D is big into multiplayer as well (in contrast to RE5, which really is not), but aside from that, these are two vastly different zombie shooters.

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Captain_Fookup said:
"Buy an Xbox live account."
This. Then you can get Left 4 Dead. Honestly, I also recommend you to get Resident Evil 5, as well as a shitload of games you didn't buy (you may have rented though) from last year, including GTA IV, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Fable II, and Burnout Paradise, to name a few.
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No live? Resident Evil.

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Left 4 Dead is definitely more fast paced than Resident Evil 5, but RE5 is still a better choice in my book. You can play that by yourself or with a friend on the couch next to you since you don't have Live while playing Left 4 Dead by yourself is kind of a drag. Plus, RE5 wraps up the Resident Evil main storyline so if you've got any stock in the series already you should definitely pick it up.

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Get Resident Evill if you don't have online.

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JDDrewes said:
"Alright, the last game that I bought was Halo 3."
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JDDrewes said:
"Alright, the last game that I bought was Halo 3. I'm planning on buying something new and I'm interested by Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead. I don't have Xbox Live, but my friends come over to play a lot. I think that I'm more of a fast-paced kind of guy, but the campaign in Resident Evil looks good too. Can you guys maybe highlight a few perks and disadvantages to each game? Thanks."
Keep in mind that neither of these games are survival horror games in the traditional sense. Once you understand Left 4 Dead's formula, it's scare factor pretty much hits zero (except for the occasional "surprise scare") and Resident Evil 5 didn't really have a scare factor for me, right from the opening scenes. The zombies' "evolution" (if it can be called that) toward the end of the game really, really killed any enjoyment I was getting out of the campaign.

Since you don't have XBL though, I would have to recommend RE5 over L4D, unless you plan on system linking a lot.

EDIT: the whole bit about the zombies' evolution in RE5 comes down to personal preference (basically how you like your zombies and how you don't), so don't let that deter you from buying the game. It's pretty good at the end of the day.
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If you do not play online the obvious choice here is Resident Evil 5. The campaign is very good and there is campaign co-op and Mercanaries to play locally. Left 4 Dead struggles a little when you play it by yourself.

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I love them both to be honest.
Overall id say Resident Evil = 9/10 and Left4Dead = 9.5/10.

Both awesome zombie games though i must say!
LEFT4DEAD on pc just has some awesome user made campaigns though which i love.

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I really love both games, it's really hard for me to choose because I love them for completely different reasons.

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Apples and oranges....

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If you're going to get L4D you should go for the PC version as it gets updated more frequently. I haven't played the 360 one but I assume it's the same as the PC in terms of gameplay so it's still an awesome game whatever platform you buy it on.

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These threads confuse me, there are literally hundreds of websites that do this very thing for you and they are all conveniently compiled for you and linked via Metacritic.

But whatever, I'll play.

Offline, you should get RE5, online L4D. The single player in L4D basically doesn't exist. So there you go.

Though, all that being said, if you would just spring for a live account, potentially a broadband internet connection, that wireless adapter, and whatever else you need to get your xbox online, then get L4D. It really is worth it.

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Playing with a buddy has spoiled me so much when I have played RE5.  I tried to play SP but i is just so annoying how bad Sheva is.  Well she is a good healer but other then that she is garbage.  We wouldn't have to heal as much if she didn't suck so bad.

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Both should be online honesty....sure once you unlock stuff in RE5 I'm sure its fine alone but it still wouldn't compare to playing co-op. Secondly, this is no competititon, L4D>RE5 without the least bit of effort and there's no around it. These games really shouldn't even be compared.

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I play left4dead with a friend, if you don't have xboxlive, it's going to get boring. There are only 4 levels, yet on gamerankings the game scored higher than resident evil 5. I still think resident evil 5 is better, it's still very playable offline, the graphics are good on the xbox360's version and you will get more value out of it, if you want to unlock more stuff. I would only recommend l4d if you have online, so go with resident evil 5, you won't regret it.

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well the more i have played, the more i have gotten used to sheva.  I had her one time get stuck running against a wall at a part where we split up which got me killed.  She has gotten left behind not too often and sometimes she will get a bit ahead of you when you don't want her to.  She is too inconsistent with her shooting.  Sometimes she will shoot too much and others she will shoot literally once every 10 seconds at one of those crazy dogs while you have no ammo. 

Overall though RE5 is fun without a co op buddy but having one improves the experience immensely. 

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That's not even a fair match up.  They are completely different games.

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