Resident Evil 5: Can I use upgraded on subsequent plays through?

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Hey, I'm playing RE5, and am about half way through the game. It doesn't seem like I'm going to make enough money to buy every weapon AND upgrade them all (for achievements.)

Is this one of those games like Dead Space, where I can carry over everything onto subsequent play through, or is it a game like Bioshock, where you've got to start from scratch each time?


Edit: It looks like I forgot to say "Resident Evil 5: Can I use upgraded weapons on subsequent plays through?" It's too bad you can't edit the thread titles... ha.

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You'll pretty much be chapter jumping, and yes you can carry everything with you after each time you save. You never have to create a new game, just replay the same levels using chapter select on different difficulties.

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Ha, thanks Liquid, your answer was short and sweet, just like your... woah, nevermind.

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You keep all your shit; yes, sir.

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Not only can you carry over everything onto subsequent play through in this game like Dead Space, but you can also carry over everything onto different difficulties, which Dead Space doesn't allow you to. Hooray!

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As it's already been stated; you carry over every weapon (and upgrades), as well as every single item, through subsequent playthroughs. It doesn't matter if you change difficulty, or jump over always keep every single item you own. I don't know how Professional Mode would be possible if this wasn't the case :P

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