Resident Evil 5 deal of the week! Few problems.

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Resident Evil 5 is deal of the week on Xbox Live so I figured it was high time I got the DLC. 
Anyway, the problem I'm having is if I try and start the mercenaries reunion it just slaps me with a "disc unreadable" error and throws me back to the dash board. Now I know for a fact the disc is not scratched, I've played it many times before with no problems. I've tried it with the game installed, without the game installed and even a friend's disc, I've come to the conclusion that something is just broke. Anyone else having this issue if you've taken advantage of the deal of the week and have you had any luck fixing it?

(Using an Xbox "S" and downloaded the "Untold Stories Bundle").
Edit: Crisis over. Seems I just had to delete the "Extra Figures" DLC I'd downloaded ages ago and forgotten about. As for the 2 new chapters, they're both pretty fun, well worth the 560 points. Thinking about it I could've probably just spend 480 points and got the chapters indivdually... Oh well.

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I just noticed the Deal of the Week.  I was thinking about getting the DLC a few weeks ago.  Glad I didn't.
I might as well get the Versus Mode DLC as well.     :/

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I got that same error as well.  I guess the Extra Figures DLC doesn't like the other DLC.

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The DLC pack has the extra figures DLC along with it.  They should have fixed that bug by now though.

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@Diamond:   It does?  Didn't know that.
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Note to self: Buy the RE5 DLC. Also, finish RE5. By the way, you're looking really good. Have you been working out? Yes. Yes I have been.

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I am sorely missing my unlimited RPG on desperate escape professional...

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I didn't want to start a new topic, but I have some points laying around after buying Shadow Broker and considered getting the deal.  I got RE5 when it came out but moved onto other stuff before I beat it.  Now that I have some time I was thinking about going back.  Is the DLC worth it?  About how much content does it add?

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Are the character packs on sale too? wouldnt mind picking up the last one i need.

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Same thing happens to me, its nothing to do with the deal of the week as I downloaded it ages ago. Everything works fine except the mercenaries reunion and viewing figurines. Its usually something to do with corrupt data. 
Try re-installing it :) 
PS. Ive never tried to fix mine yet so I have no idea what works, I could never be bothered. If you find anything that works let me know please. 
EDIT: Nvm, I read the end of the thread :P Ill try that.
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@sixdemonbag: Adds about 2 hours, more if you want to mess around on the new merc characters too, well worth the 480 points (assuming you buy the 2 story bits and avoid vs mode). EVEN MORE if you insist on playing through on hard. It was very fun, running out of ammo and having to dodge zombies rather than mowing them down like in the main game, it's almost survival horror again.
@Legxend: They are if you buy them as part of the untold stories bundle, but not by themselves.

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well i missed the deal of the week, but i saw the untold stories bundle after i had already started downloading Lost in Nightmares... fuck.

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