Resident Evil 5 Demo Is, Ironically, Live

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well considering I was thinking about not picking this up tell it got cheaper, and now I have invested into Street Fighter4, fuck Resident Evil, I hope that franchise comes back when they learn you can move while shooting, it's call strafing.

Fuck lightgun games, people only pretend to like those because nostalgia, fuck that, come back RE when you got a half descent control mechanic.

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I am loving it, and I admit not having played much RE in the past. (Little bits here and there, but I never owned the game(s)). The controls are "different" than your typical game but I think they work really well. Sometimes the active inventory system can be a tad painful, especially having to go into it to reload if you only have, say, 2 bullets left.

But it is a lot of fun. Plus, it looks gorgeous. Can't go wrong on that end.

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 you can move and shoot in gears of war    and  call of duty 4  but re4 still wipes the floor with both of them                                and street fighter  talking  about   nostalgia   street fighter   is weak

#54 Posted by Octopus_Prime (24 posts) -

felt very dated and clunky after playing many other third person shooters

#55 Posted by emptycow (8 posts) -

mgs4 clunky  shit fest  this demo was fun

#56 Posted by emptycow (8 posts) -

you can play all the third person shooters  in the world none will be as good as re4    gears of war  1 and 2 mgs4 noe of them come close

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Empty cows opinion is empty, I didn't like this because it is a light gun game, but then again maybe I am passing judgment to soon, I will rent the game and see how it goes from there.

#58 Posted by MachoFantastico (5416 posts) -

Have to say I wasn't to impressed. Nothing huge as been improved control wise and it still feels clumsy, but maybe I'm missing the whole point with this game. But I think I'll pass on this and let everyone else tell me what an amazing game I'm missing, because it honestly wasn't that much fun! 

I'll stick to Left 4 Dead.
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it is rock hard. Ahhh!

#60 Posted by Elazul (1342 posts) -

Please don't tell us personal stuff like that, BinaryDragon, It's really creepy...

Ah, just kidding. I seriously can't wait to play this demo though!

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I downloaded it, and it is..not what I hoped. Having not played any of the Resident Evil's, I can't tell if I am not getting something or what, but this is not very good.

#62 Posted by needforswede (516 posts) -

I wasn't a huge fan of Resident Evil but always wanted to play the fourth.  I might get this one, the co-op thing sounds cool.  I played some of the demo, the graphics are incredible, and the animations are so life-like .  The controls were frustrating but I think I could get used to it.

#63 Posted by Duckbutter (387 posts) -

that stop n pop mechanic sure is annoying. its like having to wait 10 seconds between each pump when you're having the sex. Resident Evil as i've know it has always been Survival/Adventure ish. from all this gameplay footage and screenshots and demo business it seems more like a shooter this time around. ya dont have to fuck a rocket scientist in the ass to know that strafing and running while shooting is important to a shooter. when i'm out playin paintball and bustin paintball caps in asses, many of times i'm runnin while doin it.
AI is retarded even for zombies.
Bullet holes are non-existant.
but the graphics are pretty and the chick is hot and they say its a long ass epic game so i'll end up buying it anyway. now i feel like a whore.

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#65 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Oh wow there is a backlash. Disappointingly haven't played the game yet (Playstation 3 owner) but I'm hoping to quash this myth of bad controls for myself. Resident Evil 4 is still utterly brilliant in my eyes so I don't see why the controls would be any worse than that?

#66 Posted by tomsamson (5 posts) -

To those who say the controls are fine because this is not intended to be a gears like shooter but instead its a "survival horror" game:
That´s nonsense!
I played all previous RE games and yeah, in the first few i had no huge problems with the controls. Why? Because the games were so much superior than various other games of that timein many areas that i felt it was a minor gripe. More important reason: Gameplaywise they also weren´t that bad because the games were indeed survival horror games, meaning few enemies most of the times, more fighting 1-5 guys instead of 5,10 or more.
RE4 already was more like a action shooter than those and RE5 takes this more than just a step further by adding even way more enmies which attack you at once. I generally don´t like them adding way more enemies attacking one at once because each of them then either has to act stupid or it gets unfair, besides that what kind of zombies are those now, besides the red eyes they have no zombie touch at all anymore.
The amount of enemies attacking one at once makes the tank controls have way more negative impact on gameplay, its just not fun when you get attacked from all sides by many guys and can´t react toeverything propperly as good as you´d like because the controls SUCK.
I don´t know if that´s the case throughout the entire game, but this also makes the controls feel even worse: In the demo levels the scenery looks big but i quickly noticed one can actually only walk around narrow paths most times and yeah, that sucks a lot when you´re on a narrow path and get attacked from all sides and then the controls are like wtf 1999.
I haven´t tried the online coop yet but just playing with the cpu i didn´t like the coop play at all, the forced coop sections where one splits up felt annoying the first time already, don´t feel like they get better when one repeats em often.
I love the RE series so i hope they fix all these problems as much as possible till release, cause yeah, as much as i want to like it (and the gorgeous presentation sure helps some at least), i just didn´t enjoy it a lot, too many annoying elements.

#67 Posted by DeanJParker (66 posts) -

Depends if your using RE4 controls or GOW controls I guess... I'm just stoked knowing that this is coming out soon, cant wait!

#68 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -
tomsamson said:
"besides that what kind of zombies are those now, besides the red eyes they have no zombie touch at all anymore."
Biohazard. The game is called Biohazard. ;)
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I just played the demo for the first time and to be honest I'm quite dissapointed. I'm a huge Resident Evil fan and RE4 is probably one of my favorite games of all time, but after playing Dead Space the controls just feel really sluggish and kind of bad. The "Gears style" control system doesn't feel good either, because you still can't move at all while shooting, and when you hold the run button "strafe" becomes "turn" for no particular reason, making it even more confusing.

The basic game design is still great (although I'm not too crazy about the real time inventory), but it really seems that the only way to play it is with the classic RE4 style controls. You can really tell that they designed the game with the old controls in mind and just tacked the new system on at the last minute to get western shooter fans to buy it, which is a real shame because it will probably leave a lot of people dissapointed.

At the end of the day it's still a great game, but it's really nothing like Gears. I just wish that Capcom would either embrace the 3rd person shooter controls completely and actually design their games around them, or just leave them the hell alone.

#70 Posted by destro (259 posts) -

Are all you people dumb? Can you not see what Capcom is trying to do with this game? The reason you cant shoot and move at the same time is because its more realistic that way and this isnt a fucking first person shooter where you can just run around and spray everyone. If you had any common sense you would realize that trying to shoot anything while running is near impossible unless your a fucking cyborg.  Secondly, they made the "real time" inventory because its more REALISTIC. In real life if you were to switch weapons does the world magically freeze until you pick a new one? doesnt. And if you make the bad choice to change weapons in the heat of battle..then you deserve to die. Capcom is trying to make a more realistic game, clearly. Which is going to make this game probably one of the hardest to beat on the hardest level this gen. Its a good game and if you hate it i bet its because you suck at it.

#71 Posted by nick_verissimo (1437 posts) -

i think the main issue is  that most of us have played too much GOW.  I know that's the main issue for me, but I've played the demo a few times and its mostly a matter of adjusting.  Every game has it's own specific feel now, it just takes an hour or two to really get it.

#72 Posted by Aaron_G (1677 posts) -

I hate waiting.

#73 Posted by Snipzor (3471 posts) -

I need to readjust to the controls, I've been playing too much RE4: Wii. 

#74 Posted by lvl10Wizard (336 posts) -
get2sammyb said:
"tomsamson said:
"besides that what kind of zombies are those now, besides the red eyes they have no zombie touch at all anymore."
Biohazard. The game is called Biohazard. ;)"

Dude, the enemies in Biohazard are fucked up.
#75 Posted by CitizenKane (10677 posts) -

I didn't get a chance to download it yester, but I will make sure to download it this afternoon after work.

#76 Posted by Elazul (1342 posts) -

Actually, destro, If they were trying to make it realistic they would have made it so that you die immediately when someone stabs you in the head with a pitchfork, not so that your legs mysteriously lock up when you aim a gun. Shooting acurately while running is hard, but shooting someone from 15 feet away while slowly walking backwards is far from impossible. The simple fact is that Capcom only decided to modernize the controls after the game was almost done, and defending that by saying that "It's fucking REALISTIC, yeah?" and "you suck!!!!" is not exactly going to convince anyone to buy it.

#77 Posted by tomsamson (5 posts) -

Yeah, i totally agree with Elazul , it has nothing to do with realism. This is a game about shooting zombies, so yeah, any discussion about whether they made this and that to have it be realistic is kinda futile :) Also even if it was about realism, then i could still walk around and shoot in reality, sure, i wouldn´t hit that well but that doesn´t mean i´d be stuck standing there when i want to shoot. Besides that the not being able to move while shooting is not the only problem with the controls. Instant action item switching menus are a nice idea in theory but again no good for a game with tons enemies around you most times. The camera is clunky and positioned in a way where you can´t see items on the ground in pickupable range due to the cam position and angle, often you at best only notice em due to the "press x to pickup" message. Also cam turning and movement feels way too stiff.
There are many things they did for gameplay reasons and that´s fine. The problem is they didn´t update the controls as much as needed regarding they tried to turn the rest of the game from survival horror game to action game with tons of enemies around you. The game just is no survival horror game anymore due to everything besides the controls; that they keep the controls that outdated doesn´t leave it as survival horror game but instead just makes it a less enjoyable than possible and way too frustrating action game.
I don´t think its a good idea to tell anyone they suck just because they don´t like something about the gameplay. I think it would be great if capcom tweaks these things, hence why i say em (i imagine if enough people on the message boards etc speak their mind maybe they will listen).

#78 Posted by DJDarkViper (107 posts) -

Dated game is dated.
Canned animations.
Animation popping.
Improper split-screen.
360 has MASSIVE screentearing issues (but this isn't THAT big a deal)
Low resolution textures EVERYWHERE contrasting with higher resolution textures
Re4 control scheme has been.. altered, but not better
Game is artificially scary due to being unable to dodge in any direction, or even Boxer style dodging for the throwing axes

you know i could go on but instead ill jsut link to this:


#79 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

There are two better survival horror games from last year that I would recommend over this any day.

Get L4D and/or Dead Space, instead of wasting you cash flow on this garbage.

#80 Posted by LaszloKovacs (1267 posts) -

I was excited for RE5 until I played this.

It still feels like I'm fighting the controls more than the zombies.

Maybe when Capcom decides to join us in this century with a modern control scheme and mechanics I'll be interested.

#81 Posted by Yatesy (83 posts) -

Although I found the controls responsive and fairly easy to get to grips with, I fear that the stupendous, gripping and totally game-changing controls of Wii Resident Evil 4 have somewhat spoiled me. The next Nintendo console needs to keep those sorts of motion controls (tightened up a fair few notches), and go Hi-Def.

#82 Edited by sofakingcool (393 posts) -

Got it yesterday morning.... WOW gorgeous and tons of fun! This is now a must own for me! oh and you jack asses whining about the controls.... THATS HOW RE GAMES ARE!  If it is too hard for you just take the pacifier out of your mouth and cry to your mommy.

#83 Posted by dtran1212 (301 posts) -

after playing Dead Space (playing through it again for the 5th time) , im not that excited about RE like i used to be. I'll take Dead Space over a RE game any day.

#84 Posted by copycatzen (819 posts) -

tomsamson said:

"Yeah, i totally agree with Elazul , it has nothing to do with realism. This is a game about shooting zombies, so yeah, any discussion about whether they made this and that to have it be realistic is kinda futile "
Every game has to have its own fiction, for RE, it’s the virus and the things that it does to humans and animals. But that fiction does not mean that Chris Redfield now is the freaking best shooting in the universe and that we will be able to aim and shot while running like on a FPS game. Or just because RE is twisting reality with the virus stuff that doesn’t mean that Chris will now go into battle with stupid superman and sub-zero. But you know, maybe someday... I now remembered solid snake fighting Mario Bros... WTF
#85 Posted by John1912 (2062 posts) -

Only played for 5 mins, but man, dont really like the aiming, soo slow.  Hopefully Ill get used to it.  Seemed ok otherwise I guess, wasnt overly impressed with the VERY short time I spent with it.

#86 Posted by LiquidPrince (16451 posts) -

Why don't they use the D-pad in order to let you quick change weapons like in Gears or any other third person game. That's probably my main gripe.

#87 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2648 posts) -
c1337us said:
"Demo is recieving some very mixed reactions. I dont think I am going to touch it until I have a full copy of the game myself."
So your going to spend 60 bucks on a game before even trying the demo?
#88 Posted by DarkHomer (78 posts) -
Why don't they use the D-pad in order to let you quick change weapons like in Gears or any other third person game. That's probably my main gripe.

I could use the D-pad to switch weapons when i was playing earlier. Maybe it was my control settings? ( the last one)
#89 Posted by Jost1 (2225 posts) -

1. This demo is fantastic
2. Sheva Alomar is a Stone Cold Fox
3. Chris Redfield needs to lay off the steroids

#90 Posted by John (847 posts) -

Kinda "meh", the controls are funky. I guess I have to play the full game to see if it's "teh shit".

#91 Posted by Mrshock13 (5 posts) -

I actually really hated a lot about this demo.  The controls were irritating to no end.  The inventory is completely idiotic.  RE4 set the bar so high, this game, based on the demo, is nowhere near that level.  The inventory is wonky and frustrating, the controls are ridiculous, and that stupid equip but cant use, can only give, is probably the most stupid idea they could have thrown out there.

#92 Edited by GaspoweR (4067 posts) -

It woul'd ve been better with the old school REs since you only have to aim and shoot at a certain direction and not really worry about which body part to shoot since the T or G-virus zombies weren't as smart as the enemies in RE4 or in RE5. I can't even consider the Ganados or those in RE5 (well, the ones you meet early at least) as zombies since they are not reanimated dead. 

Another thing, the controls in this series make it incredibly niche. You would have to rewire your brain or store more data as muscle memory just so you could play the game properly.  I was pretty frustrated with the fact that I couldn't strafe when I played RE4. Despite myself wanting to finish the game, the controls were just too demanding. It's like a fighting game to an extent. It takes a lot of dedication just to properly play the game. Those people saying that we should suck it up and get used to it, that's just the normal mentality that comes from the community. They want us to experience the game and agree with them that it's a great game but at the same time it frustrates them that we can't come to grips with the controls. In the end, it all comes down to two things: a player's preference and prior experience with the said series, the latter being the more important factor.
#93 Posted by ProfessorPester (4 posts) -

I downloaded it, but I still can't get used to the controls. xD

#94 Posted by Media_Master (3259 posts) -

nice screen shot

#95 Posted by 0kAmui0 (59 posts) -

I liked the demo. I got used to the controls in about 10 minutes. Graphics are awesome though there are some minor things that could be better. When they did some presentations for the game they said there would be a feature where "your" eyes would have to adjust to dark when going from bright to dark and vice versa. I didn't notice that in the demo so did they take that feature away?

#96 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

Played the demo coop style with my bro. Color me unimpressed.

#97 Posted by DukeTogo (1516 posts) -

I hate to say it but I'm feeling the same way about this one that I did about RE3 and RE0, the only RE games I didn't play beyond the first hour.

The controls can be adjusted, that's not the problem, they just aren't as intuitive as picking up Dead Space or Gears 2.  The problems I'm seeing are inventory based and how you interact with your surroundings.  It's like they put too much focus on the co-op and dealing with the other person.  While playing with a live person is probably much better, the AI of the bitch was screwing me up and it became a babysitting job keeping her alive or hoping she would figure out I needed help.

This reminds me why games that have tried this before never did well, and sadly it looks like it will continue that tradition.  RE has always been about being alone and the times you had someone with you were rare and usually were the worst parts of those games.  Going this route reminds me of RE 0, and that game was trash.  It also brings back bad memories of Army of Two, another game that really failed due to the horrible AI of your "buddy".

A big flaw of the demo is it has no context, and dropping you into possibly one of the more hairy parts of the game with no fucking idea what to do or how to play is about the worst thing you can do with a demo.

#98 Posted by AgileNate (103 posts) -

I'm definitely getting this game but I must say, I wouldn't if it didn't have full game co-op. I hate escorting AI in games. In RE4 I couldn't wait to ditch Ashley. I had a blast playing with a friend. I hope there is a multiplayer mercenary mode

#99 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2648 posts) -

I thought it was alot of fun.A little to similar to RE4 though.

#100 Posted by PercyChuggs (1137 posts) -

Controls wise, it plays exactly like RE4, which nobody had any problem with. Inventory system is fine. You're not supposed to be able to exchange items while running around and getting attacked, the whole style of the game is to find a "safe area" where you can do all that stuff. It adds to the suspense. I am having a ton of fun with the demo.

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