Resident Evil 5 - gamertag and psn id swap

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I keep hearing how this game is best played with a coop partner so I decided that is what I will do.  Unfortunately  though no one on my current friendslist is playing RE5.  Now I know Giant Bomb already has a list your PSN ID and XBL Gamertag thread so if anyone thinks this thread is redundant I'm fine with it getting deleted or locked.  I just know going through the current XBL gamertag thread we have I don't know who is playing RE5 or who is finished or who doesn't have it.  I thought a thread dedicated to RE5 might make more sense.  So in short if you want to play some RE5 online post your gamertag or psn ID here. 

My xbl gamertag is pseudomyxoma and I haven't really played any of the game yet so if anyone wants to play with me just add me and maybe we can play some night. 

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