Resident Evil 5 PC Benchmark

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Following the release date, a benchmark has been released to see how well zombies will splatter on your screen and how good it will look.

Here are some links:

My rig got an overall B, with 53 frames at 1024x768 and high settings with 2x AA. Good enough for me.

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Seems like they're getting better and better with these. Dare I say, the best when it comes to optimizing games for PC's.

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Thats funny becouse they sucked bad for as long as I have been playing PC ports of capcom games. 

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Ever since they went next gen, things drastically changed on the PC front.

Also, there will be full mouse support this time around. No more keyboard-only bullshit.

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@JoyfullOFrockets said:
" Seems like they're getting better and better with these. Dare I say, the best when it comes to optimizing games for PC's. "

Even before Street Fighter 4 came out, I was saying SF4  would be awesome on PC, and feature notable improvements over console versions. Many on this site took point with that opinion only to be proved completely wrong.  I formed my opinion when I played DMC4 on PC, and saw what Capcom PC did with that game. It was almost like they were showing off, showing what Capcom truly envisioned for that game if they could have on console. So, I expected the very same from SF4 PC, and I was right.

The reason for this notable shift is the PC division now working much more closely with the other teams, sharing information at every stage, it's clearly benefiting the PC versions of these games, but also the console versions too.


Just to point out a simple fact, RE4 PC was not made in-house at Capcom, it was made by some shitty development out known as SourceNext, who also made DMC3 and Oni 3 on PC.

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Shit, I had no idea. No wonder RE4 and DMC3 ports were such crap.

Well, good thing they straightened up and didn't allow any more fuck ups. But, the fact that they let someone else develop Bionic Commando is probably why it ended up not that great.

When the core game isn't all too good, I can't expect the PC version to be either, so not much hopes for the commando. :(

Anyway, hope they release the a demo for RE5 soon. I'm getting tired of watching this benchmark over and over again.

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I maxed all the settings, 1280x960, 4xAA, DX10, got about 84FPS average or so.  No interest at all in buying the PC version though, already have it on 360 and played the hell out of it.

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max settings
vert sync,anti-aliasing and motion blur off
at 1600x1050
i got 45-60 FPS in game and 40-50FPS in the cut scenes.

I wasn't going to play this game as i tried it on 360 and hated it. But now that i can actually hit what i aim for with a mouse control i might actually like this game. Will def try it.

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Woo, runs good:

4x AA is on. It doesn't say it there for whatever reason.

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