Resident evil 6?

#1 Posted by Nachobomber (23 posts) -

I really want another resident evil game. it would be so cool if it was set in china or russia. what do you all think?

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No, i'm done with these 'Trips Abroad'. 
I want the next installment to take place in a confined facility again. 
Oh, and the next RE will not come out for a long while. 
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Give me a ridiculously expansive mansion with diverse areas but still keep the action gameplay. Maybe slow it down a bit and add some actual horror.
Also add some sort of movement while shooting..i know moving and shooting isn't exactly the easiest thing (maybe have some guns slow you down more than others) but a full blown stop just to shoot a handgun is dumb.

#4 Posted by Yummylee (23656 posts) -

Fuck RE6, I still want me a RE2+RE3 remake. Even if they were just re-released in HD, I'd settle.

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@luce: Pretty much every other game has you moving and shooting: Gears, GRAW, Dead Space, pretty much any FPS. Would be very easy to do.
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Give me Dead Space shooting mechanics, atmosphere, and environment (think mansion instead of Ishumura), and I'll be happy to play RE 6.  RE 4 was a great game for its time, before the likes of Gears and Dead Space, and RE 5 is merely a highly polished version of that game. The core mechanics of third person shooters have evolved past RE 4, something RE 5 failed to realize. Either evolve and match the advances of Dead Space and Gears, or go back to static cameras, slow pace, and tense gameplay, but don't linger in between, neither a great 3rd person action game (mechanically speaking, the set pieces and presentation in RE 5 were amazing) nor a survival horror game. 

#7 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

Here's the list of things that could be addressed in RE6:

  • Tricell.  Only the African branch was dealt with in RE5, and the (craptacular) Resident Evil Degeneration made it a point to showcase that they're involved in bioterrorism on a much wider scale.
Possible duos include:
  •   Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong.  This duo has been the side-focus of two different games now, and the ultimate culmination of this would logically result in them appearing in a game alongside one another.
#8 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

Wow dude, i love the RE series but you truly are an adept.
#9 Posted by stormdrill27 (54 posts) -

no i want japan samurai's and ninja's are AWESOME

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