Resident Rant'n

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Awesome, Heavenly Sword is great.

#3 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -

Sweet, lol loved the ending. I'm wary about Killzone 2 as I just got sucked in to buy Resistance 2 and didn't enjoy it as much as I expected but I'll see. As you said it just depends on what you like.

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Hope you enjoy Heavenly Sword. The only bad things I heard about it was the frame rate and how short it was (5 hours). I also need to play this. Bought it Black friday and haven't opened it yet. I hope Sega does bring over Yakuza 3 and Kenzan. I heard  so many good things about Kenzan.

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Awesome blog man, as usual!!  Completely agree with you on a number of things in this video dude...especially about RE5.  The lulz were provided when you imitated the zombie...haha.  Awesome stuff man, I should be recording another VB very soon.  Until then, I may post that first chapter of NG2 with commentary. 

Take care brother!

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  • Great pickups dude GID HAND is GREAT.
  • YOU goin down son!! SFIV settles the arguement.
#7 Posted by Gearhead (2377 posts) -

For the first couple of seconds, mixed with the music, I was afraid this video was going to be something, well, disgusting. : P

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SF IV, Hell yeah, man. I'm getting it for PSTriple. Also, I agree with you on EVERYTHING you said about the RE5 demo. Honestly the best demo I have ever played.

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UGH. Dump background music.

#10 Posted by Player1 (4105 posts) -

no offence dude, but I can't watch more than 30 seconds of your videos because of the background music. I have ADD, and its pretty much impossible to concentrate on one thing here. Plus I can barely understand you.

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