Scans: Flashback missions

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are magazine scans allowed on Giant Bomb?

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The size of Chris' biceps scares the shit out of me.
I just played through RE5 on the PC and the entire time I felt like I really needed to stop and go join a gym.

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@Br3adfan: I think so, but you can't add them to images of the game
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@Crixaliz said:   "
The pose is ridiculous and barely justified, but this entire thing loses me when I see Chris smirking at Jill's tits.
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lol.  the face of the guy in the last picture, holding that kind of dildo thing. lol

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@Br3adfan said:
are magazine scans allowed on Giant Bomb?
Never been action against it in the past.  Even for US mags.
Thanks to the OP for the scans.  The RE1 RECV mansions are awesome, I'm interested in this update...
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Judging by that last shot, Chris' biceps can only be matched by Jill's tits.

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@HandsomeDead: you know, maybe the real problem here is that they have small heads
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Looks really good, going to be like a mini Resident Evil 1. Again. The new mansion seems to have many of the elements of the RE1 mansion. The main hall, the dining room, etc. If CAPCOM keeps returning to that game for success, why don't they just try to make a sequel in the spirit of Resident Evil 1 rather than deviate from that type of game so much with the likes of RE5? Oh well. This should be better than vanilla RE5, aside from the included crank gates which will hopefully not be very prominent... I wonder though. Are those camera angles implying a return to the RE1 style cinematic cameras, or are they just for pretty screenshots? Some seem to just be random wandering around rather than cut scenes, but you see RE1 style camera angles for them. That's one thing I'm not eager to see a return of honestly...

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Apparently they are going for a more 'horror' theme with this update, also apparently this mission isn't the only thing that they are looking to add to the game (they haven't mentioned what, my guess it has to do with more mercenaries content).
Well atleast thats what people are saying over at the Capcom forums (they don't link a source or anything but have quotes from somewhere).

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i hope they include this as a dlc. i dont want to rebuy the game.

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I bet there's more traps then zombies in this DLC.

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