What do you all think about the controls/RE4 remake likeness

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RE4 was my favorite game from last generation, but I kinda wish RE5 did a little more to evolve to formula with some faster pased action. I can't put my fingure on it, but from what I've played the game seems dated. Although if the market guy (what are ya' buyin?) is in it, then this wins game of the year hands down. So what do you all think? You can't argue this isn' a revisite to what RE4 did, but is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

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I am really liking it. Yeah, it for sure is a revisit to RE4 controls, but I don't think we should of expected much different. Its a game that is going to please a lot of people who played a lot of RE4.

Sure perhaps they could have incorporated something like "being able to shoot while slowly walking" or something a bit more advanced per say, but they did what they did in RE4. It worked then and I think sometimes its best not to screw with a tried and true formula.

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Yeah, it feels like a good game, but it feels old.  They really took a leap forward in RE4, but even then it was antique.  I am disappointed.  I mean, why would you ever have to press A to run when you have an analog stick?  this walk run scheme was made for the Playstation when the controller didnt have analog sticks and they havent changed it since.  the first time one could walk or run by pressing the analog stick differently?  Super Mario 64.  This should not be in a game anymore, Controls have evolved.  I know its not going to be Gears of War, but you can't make the game harder by making me press more buttons or making shooting slower.  too much tradition with this game.

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I'm not a big fan of the "shooter" controls. They felt kind of tacked on. Like Capcom caved at the last minute and was like "FINE! LOOK YOU CAN AIM WITH THE FUCKING RIGHT ANALOG STICK! THATS WHAT YOU 'MERICANS WANT, RIGHT?"

I switched it to the RE4 control scheme the second time I played though and it felt so much better.

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I also feel like the game is adnormally difficult. One again, I don't know if that's due to the controls or what. I played co-op with a buddy of mine, and we had a pretty difficult time. Oh well, still totally getting this one. lol

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I'm definitely renting it cuz I'm a sucker for co-op games I can play with friends, and I know some fun will come out of that regardless. After Dead Space, though, it just feels dated now. I've done this before and liked it for the time, and I've done this before with Dead Space, and liked it a ton more. Now its like going backwards again.

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I feel that the controls get the job done for what the game is (Resident Evil) but could be more evolved to match today's standards. Nonetheless, RE4 is my favorite game ever and if I tolerated the control scheme then, I will now.

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Judging only from the demo, I like the controls for the fact that they're just like RE 4, which was pretty easy to get down. My only gripe is that the characters feel really sluggish.

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