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Resident Evil 5 Problem !!!

Hello to everybody, I wanna ask if somebody could help me, I install the game and when I started it shows only black screen and then some window that said RE5 DX9.exe has enconter a problem and need to bee close,So I think is Direct X problem but I try to uninstallit and reinstall again but it shows same problem,I dont know where else to go.I think my system meets the minimum requirements - Intel e5200 2,5 Ghz ( dual cPU-s), 2 GB RAM, Ati X 1950 DDR3 Graphic card and wda HDD 250 Gb,,,I have some quite stronger games like Crysis warhead, Wolfenstein, Lost planet colonies and they all running on High settings except Crysis,only this game have problem.Help please !!!!sorry about my English,  i hope you understand what I wrote...

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