mastercontrol's Lost in Nightmares (Xbox 360) review

at 5 bucks this is totally worth it!


Here you get to play through what was just a flashback for Chris in the main game. Being a huge Resident Evil fan, I’ve always maintained that I really liked RE5, but didn’t love it. Upon reflection though, it was a damn fine game once you got over the flaws. At 5 bux and available for the platforms that RE5 showed up on(not sure about the PC version though), this DLC is totally worth it and warrants a 9/10 from the double R.

The Good – The setting takes you back to a mansion that’s very reminiscent of the one in the first game. Except with all the modern audio/visual upgrades introduced in RE5, and man, this is still one damn fine looking game. Very impressive. You get teamed up with Jill again, giving you a welcome throwback feeling. The zombies make a brief appearance bringing some awesome jump scares. Speaking of scares, while the main game was pretty much devoid of any creepiness, this DLC brings the creepy back, and it’s good. My first time through, it took me just over an hour to complete. Once you know what to do, or if you’re an expert, it’ll probably take you a half hour.

The Bad – You can’t save your game….WTF?!?…yeah I know it’s short, but sometimes you gotta turn off the game man. If I’m taking my time and I’m a half hour in, I don’t wanna have to do it again later….which did happen to me. Whatever RE5 issues you’ve had, controls or whatever, won’t be any different here.

The Ugly
– Man, I wish all of RE5 was like this….I had a good time, it was creepy, gorgeous, and made me miss the days when you can easily find a creepy game.


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