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A fantastically intense thrill from beginning to end

Desperate Escape is the 3rd piece of DLC for the acclaimed 3rd person action/horror title, Resident Evil 5. Though its the 3rd thus far, it acts as the second half to the extra Jill Valentine centred story chapters. The first being Lost in Nightmares, released two weeks prior. 
Lost In Nightmares gave a fresh take on Resident Evil 5's gameplay, with it reverting back to the classic design of Resident Evil with a slower pace-and ammo count-a gloomy mansion and a number of cranks to turn. Desperate Escape sticks to much of what players would expect from Resident Evil 5. 

Desperate Escape brings back plenty of old faces, sacks included.

Starring Jill Valentine and Josh Stone, Desperate Escape begins soon after the Jill boss battle featured in the main game of Resident Evil 5. After sending Chris and Sheva on their way to Wesker, insisting they leave her behind, Jill falls faint until she is awoken by the DELTA Captain of the BSAA, Josh Stone. 
From there, they opt an partnership to try and get to the helicopter Josh has waiting. 
The roughly one hour long chapter has a sharp contrast to the slower pace of Lost In Nightmares. This add-on will give you no short of enemies to fend off and ammo is fairly easy to come by. The many many enemies you'll constantly find yourself faced with are the general fare however, no new foes to be found. Instead they have decided to just chuck everything at you all at once, from the standard village majini's to the Executioners to the chainsaw equipped sack-heads. While theres no new enemies, at least they've given you alot of variety from the old.

The intensity throughout is always racketed pretty high, there are no puzzles, instead you'll be occasionally searching for a key to move onward while having rocket-turrets shot at you from every angle, with chainsaws reering down your ear and lastly of course, a severly overweight majini trying to imprint your face into the ground. 
The journey is as linear as you'd expect, but there exist secret areas to find new weapons or to help locate one of the collectable stars you can shoot to help boost your end score, just like in Lost In Nightmares. 
Speaking of the weaponry, you still can't import any of your weapons or items from the original Resident Evil 5, instead Jill and

Why-do(infected)-birds....suddenly appear, whenever you...are near.

 Josh have their default Uzi and handgun respectively. Fortunately they both can come across new ones as they travel through the chapter. No new weapons of course, so again Desperate Escape plays alot like what people are used to, just at a constantly rising pace with a vigorous amount of tension never letting go of your psyche. 
The overall length is longer than Lost In Nightmares taking at least a full hour I'd say on your first go. Its also surprisingly difficult at that so for inexperienced players it may take somewhat longer. That also brings me to the cooperative aspect, while Lost In Nightmares was relatively understandable when playing with the AI, since a good deal had you on the run, Desperate Escape definatley requires two players for much hope of making it through with a decent end score. 
An absolute adrenaline rush that shows off alot of the original Resident Evil 5's best aspects. Desperate Escape is a worthy addition and well worth your money. While it may choose to stay safe unlike Lost In Nightmares which went with its nostalgic piledriver, considering this is still more of the solid 3rd person shooting from Resident Evil 5 (now with more German Suplexing!) thats certaintly enough to warranty alot of fun for RE5's established fanbase.

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Posted by eroticfishcake

I'm sitting on the fence with these DLC but it sounds pretty good so far. Cheers for the review mate.

Posted by AjayRaz
@eroticfishcake said:
" I'm sitting on the fence with these DLC but it sounds pretty good so far. Cheers for the review mate. "
you should really get them, especially the first one if you're a fan of the older RE games. for five dollars it's pretty good value.  
very nice review. kind of a shame that we don't see any new enemies, but it'll be fun to step into the shoes of jill once again. will be getting this dlc tonight. 
Edited by Yummylee
@eroticfishcake said:

"I'm sitting on the fence with these DLC but it sounds pretty good so far. Cheers for the review mate."

Na probolem, and thank you for the recommendation. 
They're cheap and easily able to add around at least another 2-3 hours of your playtime, if you ignore the remixed Mercs mode anywhoo, if you got the spare cash, I definatley recommend you give em a download.

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