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One of the best Resident Evil games I've played in years.

I stood in line at midnight just to get this game and there were a lot of other people at also did as well and that should tell you that Resident Evil 5 is one of the biggest games of this year and it's with good reason as well. This is simply one of the best Resident Evils I've played since Resident Evil 4 came out on the Gamecube in 2005. The game takes place in 2009 and it's been 11 years since the first Resident Evil and this time we take control of the game's first protagonist Chris Redfield as he is investigating some crazy stuff that's been happening in Africa and a new character is introduced Sheva Alomar who is a member of the BSAA West African branch that helps out Chris in his quest to find out what Tri-Cell the company that is responsible for some strange disease that's fallen on a small village. Over the course of the game Chris will meet up with some old enemies, make new ones, and find out a horrible secret about Umbrella.
Right away the action gets going and doesn't stop and there are a few puzzles to break up the action, but like with Resident Evil 4 they don't get in the way of the action and speaking of it there's plenty and Capcom sure knows how to ramp up the difficulty as I found out quickly the enemies are smarter this time around and will do everything in their power to stop you, but Chris has a few new tricks up his sleeve as he's seemed to learn some pretty brutal moves that will put a smile on your face. Now a lot of people complain about the controls in Resident Evil 5 because they take a little time to get use to, but after some playing I got use to the controls and Resident Evil 4 players will be right at home. The scale of the game is bigger than Resident Evil 4 and the game will take you a good while to finish if you want to get everything unlocked and it's a define buy if you're a fan of the series. The only problems I could find with the game so far is Sheva's AI is a little stupid in parts and Capcom could of done better with her AI, but thanks to some co-op with a friend this problem can be avoided and sometimes if there are to many enemies on screen the game will lag, but not that bad and the story can get quite confusing in parts. So make sure you know your Resident Evil history. The voice acting in Resident Evil 5 is a lot better than previous games. The characters show emotion and the voice actors play there parts just great and the music is pretty good as well. All in all Resident Evil 5 is a sequel that doesn't disappoint and fans of the series will be pleased with this sequel.

+ Solid game play and the action is intense
+ Co-op works pretty good and it helps to have a friend play
+ Voice acting is great and the music is some of the best in Resident Evil history.
+ A lot of extras to unlock and graphics look amazing on the 360 and PS3.
+ Achievements are not to hard to get

- Sheva's AI in the single player game is off and could of been done better
- Some slowdown in fighting if this is to many enemies on screen
- Story can get a little confusing in parts if you haven't played the other games
- Controls take a little getting use to at first
- Some of the dialogue is still cheesy.

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