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Controls just did it for me...

I was really looking forward to this game and playing some more co-op with one of my friends. I enjoyed Resident Evil 1 and 2 back in the day and thought this would be a good one to jump back into the series.

I think playing this co-op is how you would get the most fun out of it. From what I have heard the ai of the Sheeva is a little off and you have to baby sit her a little to much. Anyway, I think we played it about a hour before my friend gave up in frustration. He was used to shooters like Halo, Gears and Call of Duty and right off the bat he was complaining the controls was screwed and before the first boss he gave up and said he couldn’t play it any longer.

When I played the demo I knew the controls were a bit different and I just thought when the full game comes out and my friend is playing that things would get better and we would get used to it. We just kept getting mobbed by zombies and I could see my friend  looking up at the sun with his character taking wild swipes with the knife. Couldn’t even get past the first boss with the axe. Sadly I took the game back to the video store and swapped it out for something else.

Maybe sometime in the future I will pick it up for cheap and play it thru by myself.

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