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Fun But Sheva is totally dumb

While resident evil 5 is a great game is one of the best resident evil games i have played in a long time not saying it has some short comings.Like the AI of your partner sheva she is as dumb as a tree she just stands there and gets hurt by the enemies and then asks for ammo when she uses all of hers it is recommened to play coop when you can actually connect with a human player but most of the time you can't or that player won't grant you to play with them and that is another proble resident evil 5 has is with its online mode when trying to join another players game which is nearly impossible to do since most if not all are offline or having problems connecting Resident evil 5 is a great game and should not be missed it is a must play for anyone a resident evil fan or not alike.The controls for me where just fine i had no problem with them but the inventory system should have been set up so that you could pause the game while equiping another weapon or healing yourself while the enenimes are attacking you is kind of a pain.

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