metroid545's Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) review

RE5 is everything I was hoping it would be...besides the ammo

Resident Evil 5, the sequel to one of the best games on the PS2 immediately went on everyones wish list; even the ones who had not played the other resident evil games. The game was the talk of everyone who had a mic on xbox live but would it hold up to the standards placed for it? My answer is yes! The gameplay is pretty cool as you play as either Chris Redfield (Player 1) or Sheva Alemar (Player 2) of the BSAA as they set out on a mission to stop some terrorists that are believed to be in possesion of biological weapons. The game starts out with a quick tutorial of the moves and quickly shoves you right into the action as you fight to survive a horde of zombies and one crazy one with an axe. the fact that you can't run and shoot isn't great but can be overlooked since the enemies walk slowly anyways. The graphics are cool as you go from hot african sun to dark and damp caves. The story line offers some twists that  will be hard to understand if you haven't played any of the previous games. The 2 things that really bugs me about the game is one, the ammo takes up a whole seperate space in your inventory thats already small enough. Two, there is only JUST enough ammo to survive in this game, and when you play coop, things can get pretty nasty over who gets the handgun ammo. You would think you could at least buy ammo in the shops but nope, if you really want ammo you have to buy a whole other gun, which really stinks since you probably already put money into upgrading the weapon you have and thats another 2,000 down the toilet only to be used to maybe kill only 3 zombies; yep the zombies are really strong. But even with these annoying factors the game is a great addition to any gamers collection and most definetly should be played coop for the first time through, I think its a little more exciting going through with a friend for the first time. Overall get this game and get the ammo first!

Posted by StarFoxA

Resident Evil 4 wasn't originally a PS2 game; it was a GameCube exclusive at first.

But decent review otherwise.

Posted by Metroid545

oh thats new! I always thought it was a PS2 game...weird game to be on a system like the gamecube

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