ferginator4k's Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3) review

A fitting Finale to a 10 year story arc-

My Expectations for Resident Evil 5 were pretty average when i first heard of it, but at that point i had not played a Resident Evil game before, after getting into the series and seeing the trailers before the games release , i felt i was now ready....to shoot some (not)zombies.

So the game has you playing as recurring character of the series "Chris Redfield" on a mission to investigate bio terrorism in Africa, once he lands in Africa and meets the new companion character of the game "Sheva Alamar" things inevitably go wrong.

The game is very much a follow up to Resident Evil 4 with the game borrowing much from its predecessor, however to offset this the game features innovations in AI in the form of your companion Sheva Alamar, unlike previous video game companions Sheva Actually helps you as you go through the game and will rarely get herself killed.

As i said before the gameplay of Resident Evil 5 is very similiar to Resident Evil 4 with a few minor changes, one of those being to inventory system which is clunky, but it wouldn't be Resident Evil Without it.
You might think that because the game takes place in Africa the game won't feature that many scares, this is only partially true as the games enviroments are lacking in the scare factor but the new monster design makes up for some of that, this is complimented by the games soundtrack which helps immerse you in the games dark world.

Despite the game being more of an action game and less of a Resident Evil game Resident Evil 5 is an excellent Game that any action gamer should check out.

Posted by SL33TBL1ND

For anyone reading this, never play single-player because Sheva is an idiot unless you have a real person playing her. Believe me, I know.

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