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Resident evil 5 Review

Resident evil 4 revolutionized the third person shooter genre, resident evil 5 may not live up to that expectation but it is a great game nonetheless.

The story of the game starts with series vet Chris Redfield in Africa tracking down a bio terrorism deal going down. Things soon start to go wrong and you’re faced with fighting the villagers and locals of the region who are infected with the same virus as resident evil 4. Even though there’s been too many resident evils to count the story is easy to follow for newcomers and even has many pages of history you can read in the library. You and your partner Sheva try and track down some evil scientist guy and Chris’s supposed deceased partner Jill. You get a very Japanese feel of the story throughout the games.

The controls are pretty much the same from RE4 with minor tweaks, and the game gives you four controller setups. The game isn’t scary like any of the other resident evil and is trying to become and action but the controls hold it back from being a full action game while no scary elements stop it from being a survival horror. The game is at its peak during the first half of the game where your fighting zombie hoards and chainsaw guys but when you start fighting armored zombie solders with guns (im not lying) it starts to become a bland shooter and bad shooter controls. If they stuck to the formula they used in the first half and added more scares it would be much better.

The games graphics are arguably in the top 5 best graphics ever section and will surprise anyone who sees them. While the detail and polish of the character models, guns, and environments are great nothing in the game is jaw dropping because your just visiting generic places.

The entire game is built around coop and you will not have nearly as much fun playing it single player. If you choose to play alone you will still always have an AI partner with you but she mostly just gets in the way. After you complete the game you unlock a new mode called mercenaries in where you must kill as many enemies you can while keeping your time limit and score up. It is better then most arcade style modes and you will have lots of fun trying to get high scores to unlock more characters to use.

There is plenty of replay value in the game with finding gems and unlocks. You can also upgrade your guns and buy new ones that will keep you coming back to the game.

Overall Resident evil 5 is a great purchase but doesn’t live up to its huge franchise.


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