pissedoffthewitch's Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) review

Resident Evil 5 Reinvigorates the phrase "Action/Adventure"

    These days shooters are all about... well shooting. Resident Evil 5 has shooting, but it's not the main focus. You can tell a game is well made when it's hard for you to point out which part of the game has been more focused on than the other. That's the case with RE5.

    It feels like a while since I've last played a decent adventure game and RE5 shoots some life into the genre. What helps the game play is things like having to manage your inventory, which adds a hint of micro-management. Some hated it, but I found it to be an extra layer. The moving controls were sometimes frustrating but for the most part I didn't mind them, just another way of Capcomadding a little something new.

    The co-op is also outstanding and is the best I've ever played in a game. I played the whole thing split-screen for my first run through and it was just as fun if not more, because your partner is right next to you. The downloadable multi-player is something of a rip off I found but for most people it's optional.

    The game is quite the looker, especially when your rail gunning and seeing these broken down vehicles bashing into yours, or fighting a Giant with people for a belt. The Graphics really kick in with the cut scenes. The game also runs smoothly even with co-op it shows barely any sign of hesitation.

Average critic score: 8.6....wait what?


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