dragoon14's Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3) review

Resident evil 5

This is what  think, a really really great action game very intense. Which is a key factor to a game, ex.( like what the fuck  whats going on man help ahahhaha shit noooo.. Like you don't know what going on and you are shooting everywhere that's what i love in a game. The only bad thing about it, it was lacking character style, not really a story in my mind, because thats what i look in game aswell.The story was ok, my favourite character would have to be Leon. But as I said action is great gore is fine, story lacking, not scary at all but thats cool, its a good game to play with your buddies at night and just having a good time kicking infected peoples asses.


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    Dissapointing and surprisingly generic yet still addictingly fun. 0

    Game series hardly ever manage to really last forever, besides a notable few most of gamings top franchises have either simply hit over to the retirement home or have began to delve into mediocrity and more or less becomes a nuisance to the gaming world.Resident Evil 5 isn't exactly either. Its certaintly showing its age and lack of innovation yet still has plenty of energy left which does transend into its highly addictive latest outing.RE5 reunites classic RE fans ((and introducing the RE4 fan...

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