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Residental evil 5,the Good, the bad and the ugly

Just a reason to kill zombies or just to get scared, When I heard orginally that the zombies were going to be popular politicion
(yeah, like there is any popular politicion in this world HaHaHaa) I was outraged by this, but then I found out that there is a secert banana which grants the wearer the powers to become invunerable and to have a banana tasting flesh which makes the zombies even more blood hungry, so you and your hot girlfriend ( she is not your girlfriend, but a man can dream) so any way   Snake, Octocon and Raiden, infiltrates a base belonging to a terrorist group called Dead Cell, consisting of a faggy vampire, A bomber with a weight problem, a bitc**h that wouldn't die and some other guys who do stuff, all thw while someone keeps screaming lalelulilo like WTF does that mean, and what is the story with master chief and the Cortana

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