kodmani's Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3) review

It's a Resident Evil 4, with a slight twist of lime.

I have been a resident evil fan since the dawn of time(when I was like 10 years old). I have long awaited for this beautiful sequel since it was announced like 2 years ago or something. Finally, it turned out more than I expected !! 2 players ??! screwed up zombie people riding bikes evil knievel style, dogs splitting in half !! there are moments where you'll go WHAT THE EFF !!!

Its beautiful, amazing environment and characters look very detailed. Blood is insane in the membrane !! slight frame rate problems on the bottom of the screen every like an hour of game play, hard to notice.

Game Play:
Exact as RE4 with the extra for multi-player. An example would be the communication button where you call your partner, say thanks or nice shot ! Also slight difference in the style of switching your guns which you will get used to in a while.

Its resident evil ... why even bother ??

Multi player:
Now this I have a lot to talk about, but I am just gonna keep it brief. Its hard at first,, the screen splits horizontally and the sides of the screen is black. For some reason Sheva cannot buy items, only Chris. Armor counts as a box out of your inventory !!! Did not expect that !! But still its fun to see you can play with game with someone because you really cannot beat this game alone with a dumb AI !!! Also recently I found out that once you heal your partner, your heal yourself at the same time. Weird huh ?!

PS: If one partner ever runs out of bullets !! just let them run around the enemies while the other shoots them ! it helps !! trust me !!


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