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Resident Evil 5 Review

Resident Evil 5 is of course the fifth game in the Resident Evil franchise. Now with the Umbrella Corporation in shambles, the experiments are popping up on the black market. Strange things are occurring in third world countries, and you are sent in to investigate. You will have a partner at your side to help combat the hostile locals, and the monsters that seem to come out of them.

Graphically this game has its highs and lows. The scenery, though basically a run-down motif, looks amazing. The characters on the other hand, not so much. I understand that certain characters are going to act differently, but when you are getting attacked over and over again by the basic enemy and there's not all that much variety, all I can think of is there must have been some serious inbreeding happening in town.

The sounds of the game aren't going to blow you away, I do like the fact you do get sub titles to go with what is being said just in case you can't understand the person normally. 

The controls are very simple. You'll get a quick run through of what to do in certain situations, and if you are ever near an interactive object you'll see a big button on the screen to alert you to it. 

As stated before you've been brought in to investigate some strange things that are happening. This game really depressed me. I wanted the old Resident Evil, the horror-action game. What this is is an action game, that really doesn't have any of the spooky-ness. You're going to get the crap kick out of you by demented dudes and monsters, but it just doesn't  feel the same. The did get rid of the inventory mini-game, which of course was how to fit items in such a way as to maximize the space, but 9 slots really isn't much to go on sometimes, and you'll definitely be making item sacrifices.

I'm a huge fan of Capcom games, but this is one that I really wish I didn't play. I had heard about the fiasco with the demo, and how everyone wasn't all that impressed, but I figured that the game would make up for it. I was wrong, and so I have to give this game a 5.7 out of 10.


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