Can we stop please.

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#1 Posted by RazielCuts (3244 posts) -

Can we stop with all the Resident Evil 6 threads please? Half of the threads on the front page are effectively about the same thing - 'You're wrong, I like RE6' 'You're right, RE6 sucks' can we just keep it to one thread please? It's clogging up the forums about as bad as those sports streaming threads..

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#2 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

I approve of this message. Please stop making RE6 threads.

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#3 Posted by Barrock (3862 posts) -

It's the big release of the week duder. Next week it'll be all X-COM, Dishonored, Fable, and Harry Potter Kinect.


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#5 Posted by ProfessorEss (7910 posts) -

M'eh. Even if they are all saying basically the same thing it's a Resident Evil game and this is a videogame website. I feel like it's to be expected.

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#6 Posted by BeachThunder (14195 posts) -

Didn't you just add to the amount of RE6 threads...

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#7 Posted by Mike (16905 posts) -

I don't see a problem at this point. Don't worry dude, if things get really out of hand we will take action if necessary....and at this point it isn't. In a few days or a week no one will care about this game anyway.


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