I am loving this game.

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#101 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3153 posts) -

@SockLobster said:

They should do a Billy and Rebecca dlc campaign. A man can dream :')

Did you like RE 0?

#102 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2490 posts) -

@geirr said:

That's cool!

I'll be waiting for the PC version - maybe they've refined it by then, maybe it's worse.. time will tell!

PC version bulletpoints: Mouse driven menu system, resolution change feature, DX9 support

I'm waiting for that one too, unless the console version gets to the $20 price range before then.

#103 Posted by RAMBO604 (137 posts) -

@SockLobster said:

They should do a Billy and Rebecca dlc campaign. A man can dream :')

RE0 had a lot of merits. Billy and Rebecca were not those merits.

But man you really did just jog my memory of that game. Zero is practically the lost Resident Evil game at this point. Its almost never brought up in discussions about the franchise. I cannot believe that for all the rerelease whoring out Capcom does that Zero and REmake aside from an obscure Wii port that I've never seen physical proof of existing has not been put into a collection of some sort and put out on actual consoles now. REmake especially, imagine an HD collection with that game that would be awesome.

#104 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1004 posts) -
@Humanity:  If he still has fun, good for him. He has a very high tolerance. 
But that was literally the most frustrating and non-fun moment I've had in that game. 
#105 Posted by pompouspizza (291 posts) -

@Bobby_The_Great: I will be on guard for that sequence but so far I have just started Jake's campaign, put 20 hours in to it and I still love it.

#106 Posted by Arestice (468 posts) -

@Bobby_The_Great said:

@pompouspizza said:

I have only played parts of Leon's campaign so I hope it doesn't fall apart but I am loving it, the only complaint I really have so far is the overuse of quick time events.


Just wait until the turret-filled sections of Jake's campaign, and the part where you get to the snow and can literally not see in front of you. Tell me if you're still having fun.

You're not forced to fight in those sections, hell the turret one they even say "What do you want to do? Fight or run?" I ran and survived my first try (professional mode if you're wondering).

Same with the snow one, it's way easy to get overwhelmed in that level and I thought it was good, it scared me not being able to see more than 6 feet in front of me. I didn't fight in that one either, just kept running, the only part that frustrated me in it was running up the icy slope only to get knocked down by a snowmobile and literally slide from the very top to the very bottom without being able to stand up.

I may be surrounded by insanity, but I'm not insane! I like this game!

#107 Posted by Rafaelfc (1348 posts) -

I enjoyed Leon's campaign, but my enjoyment took a nosedive in Chris' campaign. It's a third person shooter-ass third person shooter campaign, but there is too little ammo for a third person shooter... look for ammo while EVERYONE else keeps shooting infinite bullets is just not fun at all.

Driving sequence in Chris' campaign is also balls.

But you fight and invisible snake, so it's not all terrible

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