I usually don't pay attention to user reviews, but...

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Apparently a lot of people on neogaf are very favourable towards RE6 for some reason as well.

EDIT: Ha, OK I'll admit, i didn't click the link. But that's pretty hilarious.

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Holy crap, those guys are crazy! All they have done is turn a usefull system (not perfect by any means) into something useless, i thought Metacritic were supposed to be getting serious about cracking down on bogus things like this. Its not even like they are trying to hide who they are....

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@SpaceInsomniac said:

What happened?

The internet happened. If even a fraction of these people have actually played RE6 before rating it, I'll eat everybody's hat.

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@SpaceInsomniac: The best bit is that the user reviews trying to protect the game against the trolls are just as bad.

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"Resident Evil 6 made ​​pedophiles **** **** **** up **** series mother****ers!"

I'm still trying to fill in the blanks to decode this sentence from one of the "reviews". I've got "motherfuckers" so far...

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@ShaggE said:

@SpaceInsomniac said:

What happened?

The internet happened. If even a fraction of these people have actually played RE6 before rating it, I'll eat everybody's hat.

I imagine a handful, or a fraction of the whole, have indeed checked out the game. I know a number of people who are already done with a lot of the game; so, for the hardcore, I'm sure many are already done and ready to rage on message boards and metacritic.

Lucky for you, my hat is reasonably tasty.

(it's made of only the finest chocolate)

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In one way, I hope this thing escalates and kills off Metacritic once and for all, but in another way it will hurt the things on it's way to this demise so that sucks. I'm strangely torn.

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Granted Resident Evil 6 is a very polarizing game, some people will like it and some people will hate it.

But this "trolling" of review sites is simply ridiculous and serves no point, publishers care more about the professional review scores than the user scores anyway, and when it is this extreme then they obviously know to look past it.

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Just ban user reviews, who actually reads them to guide their purchasing decisions anyway? They always seem extreme in either direction, pro or con.

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@TruthTellah: I want names! Names! I'll eat the hat anyway, though. It's no porkpie, but it'll do.

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I propose the nuclear option. On Russia, I mean. It's the only way to stop them from neg-bombing our beloved games. Mutually assured game disapproval is not an option.

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@TruthTellah: Nope. Yummylee doesn't exist. :p

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@ShaggE: What? I... oh nooooooo

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I just can't take user review scores seriously. It's a shame because there are some users who take the time to write detailed and thoughtful reviews but their voices are drowned out by the wave of trolls that give a game a 1 because they just don't like the series or genre and probably haven't even tried the game they're rating and then the second wave of troll fighters who give it 10s to try to counteract the 1s.

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I can't believe how stupid some people act on the internet. Give them something worthwhile to do.

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@RazielCuts said:

Just ban user reviews, who actually reads them to guide their purchasing decisions anyway? They always seem extreme in either direction, pro or con.

agreed. metacritic user reviews are the most useless thing ever. it's just a place for the most extreme hardcore trolling. as evidenced in the examples provided here.

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@TruthTellah said:

@ShaggE: What? I... oh nooooooo

Damn, damn, damn!

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This is exactly why you shouldn't pay attention to them.

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I think the only parts of user reviews that you can reasonably use are:

  • Whether or not it's positive or negative.

And that is about it. Everybody knows by now that to have your vote mean the most, you have to give the maximum or minimum score. Also the people who care enough to vote are those people who felt strongly in the first place (self- selection bias), so even when people aren't trying to rig the system, the votes are still pretty bi-modal.

These fan wars over review scores are idiotic but inevitable. It's one of the reasons social sites have no "dislike" button. If Metacritic only let you thumb a game up, you'd get a much better sense of what didn't suck.

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@ShaggE said:

@TruthTellah: Nope. Yummylee doesn't exist. :p

Wait wut.

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There are a bunch of political yahoos dead set on tanking SONY apparently. Some political offshoot in some other country.


Which is not to say that this game doesn't actually suck.

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@SpaceInsomniac said:


1400 negative reviews, 14 positive, and 2 mixed. Also half the reviews look like they're in Russian, or some other language that doesn't use an English or Asian alphabet. Did RE6 do something to piss off some foreign nation or something? What happened?

I just have to point out that its a japanese game, so that kind of makes us the foreigners.

But on topic now: Its just trolling.

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im totally behind the idea of futuristic internet cults so this group has my blessing.

ansha abdul! biboran!

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Metacritic is a joke with all the constant streams of fabricated or unintelligent reviews that are constantly happening (and if the user reviews here are the same as the junk reviews in places like Netflix then the user reviews should be taken out or at least moderated before they go live on the site). It would be nice if the game publishers & everyone else just looked at the sites like gamerankings where it just compiles the scores of reviews from game journalism sites. Still pays to read the reviews though.


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@Yummylee said:

@ShaggE said:

@TruthTellah: Nope. Yummylee doesn't exist. :p

Wait wut.

You, sir, do not exist. Don't get me wrong, many great people in history don't exist. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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hmph. death to metacritic

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The only thing I find funny here is people seem to think it matters. Anyone who looked at metacritic user reviews with anything other than derision was just a doofus to begin with. My suggestion is metacritic just get rid of user reviews entirely since they honestly serve no point anyway. Those who use that site are going for the aggregate score from the pro's and pretty much nothing else.

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Why did this require a topic anyway? This has been going on for the past several years.

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The possibility that a religious cult has taken it upon themselves to bomb games with negative reviews is kinda amazing and definitely hilarious. Switch the two if it's just a troll but still, damn.

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silly, but still, RE6 isnt really worth anyones time. not even to write all those fake reviews.

i hope we get RE1, 2 & 3 HD Trilogy Remake before the series dies.

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Not as bad as the Telltale Jurassic Park fiasco.

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