Let's play of RE6 coming up!

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Hey there! I'm not sure if any of you guys have heard of Cypheron48 or Durden77. We did a RE5 LP back in the day, and a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it. If any of our viewers are here, HEY!

Well we just announced that after 2 years, our next project together will be Resident Evil 6!

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I know a trailer for an LP might be kind of silly, but it's mainly to get our regular viewers pumped, and I'm hoping that if you enjoyed the RE5 LP that this will be exciting to you.
If you don't know us, then we're two LPers that have been going at it for a while now. We like to focus more on fun an entertainment, rather than a completely thorough 100% walkthrough, at least with this series. We first joined together for RE5, and while it had a shaky start in the technical department, it turned out to be a whole lot of fun. I myself, haven't did a full on Let's Play in years, and being able to team up again for the sequel to the game that brought us together in the first place is really exciting. Not only that, but we're both much better equipped these days. So the technical quality will be much improved, and you'll be able to see both views of the action on the respective channels!

We're really psyched to do this for our viewers, but we hope that even if you never watched the RE5 LP, you'll join us for this one! It should be a blast.
Also, here's the playlist for the RE5 LP if anyone's interested. It was a ton of fun. The technical quality starts off kind of shaky, but it levels out.


Anyway, thanks to anyone that checks it out!



Oh and I know there's a rule on these forums that's along the lines of posting a video must have an adequate amount of discussion with it, so if for some reason I didn't meet that mods go ahead and lock the thread.
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Maybe this is a preferable alternative to actually playing the game. I'm not a huge Resident Evil fan but even I thought the demo played nothing like a RE game.

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Yep, flagged.

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@Humanity: Yeh for sure! If you don't want to take the plunge, but still wanna see what it's about, we'll be showing it off with a fun style. So tag along for the ride!

Hopefully the game itself is good enough to make some entertainment, but I'm sure this LP will be a lot of fun regardless. And plus, believe it or not I liked the demo, especially Leon's segment. Even though yeh it was kind of weird.

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Here's the first video, if anyone's interested.

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We're gonna have fun with this game, dammit.

No but seriously, we completed Leon's first chapter and we really had a lot of fun. This video is just the first section though, so there's not much action. I was pretty excited these first couple of videos to play this with Cyph again, so sorry if my voice quality isn't the greatest. Must not have been thinking and talking too loud.

And if you want to see Cypheron's point of view, you can check out the description of the video for the link.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who watches! I hope you enjoy it.

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