Played Resident Evil 6? Tell me what you think of it.

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Okay, I want honest opinions from people who have actually played this game. So, my request is this. Write a short summary of what you think of the game and if you would recommend it to me. Also, leave your gamertag or something so I can check you've actually played it, that'll be great thanks!

I'm only doing this as I've seen a massive influx of people who have no record of them playing it, so I don't want a skewed response.

If you reply, I thank you.

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I have not played it yet but im DYING to!!! but it seems your a bit unsure. dont let the haters get to ya. take the plunge!

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Co-Op'd with a friend.

Miles better than RE5, cool story with some uneeded repetition.

Plays fine if you don't suck, the dodge mechanic with the ability to move & shoot makes it easy to take little damage.

Slight frame rate dips (PS3)

Guns have recoil something Brad seemingly hasn't realized. (Don't just mash fire you'll shoot air.)

Games good overall better than 5, worse than 4.

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Just finished the Leon Campaign. I didn't mind it. Just felt like a straight forward 3rd Person shooter horror campaign.

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I think the games are progressively getting worse and worse, but as long as they keep the story going Capcom can take all my money for resident evil games. Feels a lot more like resident evil 4 rather than 5 (baring in mind I've only played Leon's campaign so far), but the environments and such just feel a lot more "raccoon city" therefore more like resident evil. Other than that the game is pretty pants, nothing new and innovative, just another resident evil game that's not like the first 3. Still, a hell of a lot better than operation raccoon city.

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@Baillie: Having put a few hours into the Leon campaign (which popular opinion says is the best one) I'd say it's pretty average. I don't think it's quite as bad as some sites are saying, but it's not mind blowing. It's a third person shooter from Japan.. so it doesn't feel as tight as it should. That being said i'm happy with my purchase so far. If you haven't played the demo that seems to give you a good idea of how it controls and feels after a few runs through it. Unless your a die hard fan I'd say a rental should be enough.

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@DoctorDanger99: Oh, I'm not actually in a rush to buy it just now anyway, getting a legit response to the game is what I really want.

@xaLieNxGrEyx: Co-op with a friend is definitely how I will be playing it. How did you find 5, if I may ask?

@JJOR64: Sounds pretty much what I want, not terrible or anything? Straight forward 3rd person shooter horror is what RE5 was and I really enjoyed that. Tell me how you get on with the other campaigns too!

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@Baillie: My gamer tag is Shawnee B Goode. I have played a little bit of the Leon campaign and I am really liking it at the moment. I do have a few issues. I am not a big fan of all the co op stuff, a lot of the QTE seem really unnecessary (would have preferred just straight cutscenes), camera seems a little bit close for my taste, at times the melee seems a bit over powered (might change when I come in contact with more enemy types) and I wish the game would have explained a few things at the beginning but I figured them out on my own within the first few minutes of playing if it even took that long.

I don't know if I can recommend this game to you because to be honest I'm not that much of a game critic. If I want a game I am gonna play it and pretty good chance I'm gonna enjoy it. I don't focus to much on camera angles, frame rates and deep story. A game would have to be just completely broken for me to even notice. I'm sorry I don't notice a lot of stuff when playing besides pop in and my game locking up. If you are a big fan of RE, can turn off that really critical eye and are a little bit curious. I say give the game a rent.

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@JimmyEcho: How are you finding the story though? Are you still enjoying it, rather than just baring it because it is part of the Resident Evil story? Also, what did you think of Resident Evil 5?

@Wampa1: I'm not a die hard fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing through Resident Evil 5 with a friend, which I think what made the game feel special to me. I think if I played that game with the AI I wouldn't have such fond memories. Which, like my previous request to JimmyEcho, would like to ask how you felt about the last iteratin, and how this game compares?

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I've only played the demo so take that into consideration. To me, it felt really standard. In a way it felt budget. I didn't think it looked that great, the shooting wasn't very fun, and the movement felt clunky. It didn't seem bad and the completely disdain for it I've seen in forums seems out of line. It just seemed really mediocre. Like, I would expect this quality from a $30-$40 dollar game. The fact that it is an entry in a franchise as prestigious as Resident Evil makes the dullness sting a little more then it would have if it were simply a unique game free of a franchise tag.

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I hated RE5 with every inch of my being. I'm a huge RE fan and RE5 made me physically ill at how impossibly stupid and boring it was.

Don't get me wrong RE6 is pretty stupid but it's far more enjoyable than the atrocity that was 5.

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@Baillie: I played through 5, three separate times with three friends and had a great time. I found that game decidedly less enjoyable with AI. What I can say for sure, is this is much better single player. Your AI companion will hold their own in a fight and is invulnerable. I'll update my thoughts once I play some co-op, since that made 5 much more fun.

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I've only finished Jake's campaign, and I quite enjoyed it. He's a far more interesting and likeable character than I expected and the interactions between him and Sherry were much better than what is the norm for RE games. The gameplay does take some getting used to and doesn't feel as precise or responsive as past games, but once you adjust it's not that bad.

Not being able to upgrade weapons is a real step backwards, the new melee system can be just as broken as before but fun to do and the AI partner is much, much better than it was in RE5, the game is actually playable on your own.

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@DeShawn2ks: When you say you're not a big fan of the co-op stuff, do you mean you don't like the AI partner aspect, or are you actually playing with someone? I'm glad to hear it's not terrible, but I'm gathering it's basically just more Resident Evil. Which is pretty much what I'm glad to play. I never though tthe last games were perfect in any way, I had fun with it, and I can barely tell you what happened in it, haha.

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@Baillie said:

@JJOR64: Sounds pretty much what I want, not terrible or anything? Straight forward 3rd person shooter horror is what RE5 was and I really enjoyed that. Tell me how you get on with the other campaigns too!

Yeah, it was fine. Just don't expect anything mind blowing or anything. It's just a really linear 3rd person shooter which happens to have RE characters in it.

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@Baillie: Oh sorry I was talking about the AI partner aspect. I just never been a fan of having to wait on a A.I partner to push something, help open door that I don't need help with and having to go help them or needing their help when I am in trouble. Some people may like that but I have never been a fan of it in any game. I will say I much prefer the AI partner in 6 more than in 5. They seem to handle themselves pretty well, I haven't got a game over because they died yet and I want to say they have infinite ammo and you don't have to worry about them wasting your stuff. I am the same way I have always really liked the series and noticed their faults but still had fun with them.

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@JasonR86: I've never thought of Resident Evil ever being a game with superb mechanics. Being able to get good at the game even with the crutches of some of the mechanics was pretty enjoyable. I just enjoyed playing a game with a friend and I just had fun playing it, it's all I want. I'm not expecting anything near a masterpiece. Heh.

@xaLieNxGrEyx: What first came to my mind here is you only played Resident Evil 5 with Sheva, the AI, right? I think I wouldn't have enjoyed the game anywhere near as much if I didn't play this with a friend. I really do think that game was driven for co-operative with a friend, this one doesn't seem as bad for this, but I still bet it would be better with someone else with you.

@Wampa1: Exactly my thoughts, and I very much look forward to your update!

@JTB123: Sounds like a nice step forward with the characters interacting more, I didn't see much point of Sheva in RE5, so fleshing out the co-operative partners sounds like a nice change. I hope the others are the same. I did love to upgrade my guns, especially the magnum and having a gun that basically fires rockets disguised as bullets, haha. I'm glad the AI has improved, which is good and I might actually attempt to play it by myself, but playing with a friend made RE5 such a great experience for me.

Anyway, I need to go to sleep. I will reply to more people who reply tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has replied so far, a lot more positive than I first expected.

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@Baillie: Im a moderately big fan of RE I've played all of the main RE games including Code Veronica and pretty much enjoyed them all. That being said I've played 4 chapters so far. I've enjoyed what I've played so far. There have been a few frustrating parts mostly in Jake's campaign where direction of what to do sometimes isn't clear. Although, TBH I totally forgot that you could press the LB button to have the game point you in the direction of your objective. Anywho, it has its faults for sure the camera can be a bit of a pain in tighter spaces overall though I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I've got all day off from work tomorrow and I'm genuinely excited to wake up and use most of the day to beat some RE6. Id say if your a fan of the series then play it. I'd also REALLY recommend that when you play you turn OFF the reticle and use the laser aiming instead.

There is no doubt about it that obviously there are parts of this game that are going to be turn-offs to some people however I think the general response of hate has been overblown alongside people outright ignoring the other side of the fence in favor of just throwing the game under the bus. I don't regret getting it. As for my confirmation I've played it just click my profile and check my achievements on the site here.

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Just check the trophies. They should be on my profile. Anyway I jus pit my impressions up somewhere else so I'm gonna copy and paste. The summary though is 3 hours in and I'm liking it a lot. Leon's was Kickin my ass on veteran so I may turn it to normal just to enjoy it more my first time through. Waiting for my buddy's copy to arrive before I really dive in. Anyway here is what I said about 5 minutes ago

Just got done playing 3 hours of the campaign ( 1 of Chris and 2 with leon).

So far I am definitely enjoying the game although I died a shit ton with Leon playin on veteran so Im gonna probably tone it down a notch. Although the end of Leon's chapter one is some of the most tense gameplay I've had in while, nearly falling out of my chair when shit went from bad to worse.

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I am 50/50 on it, Have barley touched Leons but I liked that the most.. Finished both the other campaigns, and I didn't mind the action take on them, the story is lax and the QTE are bad.. It's more in the direction of action than scares, In the other campaigns anyways.. If you dig 5 you may enjoy this one, but in my opinion it's one of the weakest of the series..

@Sackmanjones: I had trouble through Leon's Ch1 on Normal then ended up playing the other 2 campaigns on Veteran and had a better go of it

My gamertag's my name, but my profile would be synced

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Alright I just finished Leon's chapter 1. Took me 2 1/2 hours. A bit too padded out. The pistol feels shitty. It shouldn't take 2 entire clips to zombie's head to take it down. :(

#22 Posted by Sackmanjones (5272 posts) -
@Genkkaku hmm interesting. Ya in a way I liked it because it was minimal ammo and health so it was really reminiscent of older games but I was getting constantly destroyed by the large amount of zombies. I may try chapter 2 on veteran and see how it goes. But just like you playing Chris's campaign on veteran was fine, maybe died once or twice in the first chapter.
#23 Posted by Genkkaku (755 posts) -

@Sackmanjones: I think it's because I played the demo, but maybe played that segment a little to fast, I was trying to melee everyone, also my every encounter with dogs left me with no health, I'm gonna jump in and try and finish his campaign tonight and hopefully not die every few minutes.. Yeah I didn't die to much on Chris's but I ran out of ammo alot, I was literally punching the final boss..

#24 Posted by StarvingGamer (9808 posts) -

My PSN is catbond, I've played the first hour of Chris's campaign.

So far the game is ok but not great and definitely not as good as RE4/5. There's a real dissonance in game design. Both RE4 and 5 had very methodical, slow-paced controls but it was completely fine because the enemies and environments matched that experience. You were encouraged to take your time and carefully aim your shots because A) ammo was scarce and B) enemies were bullet sponges unless you hit their weak point. In RE6 ammo still seems somewhat scarce and you still have to be very careful about where you shoot enemies. I was literally combing every corner of every area for crates to break for ammunition and still found myself one or two reloads away from empty in both of my guns almost the entire time. Also enemies drop in 2-3 headshots, but if you accidentally hit them somewhere else not only do they not die, they often mutate causing them to become more dangerous and soak up even more bullets before they fall. Enemies are faster, more evasive, and environments are generally cramped and full of obstacles. This is a far cry from the RE4/5 environments which were typically much more sparse and spread out, giving you a lot of time to take aim and pick off enemies that, by in large, only moved in straight lines.

None of this would be a problem if the shooting was up to snuff. Unfortunately it isn't. Even though the combat demands are much more in-line with something like a Gears of War, the way your character handles is almost identical to RE4/5. You can move while aiming, but the movement is so slow that there's almost no point to it. And while the enemies are faster and still demand pinpoint accuracy to kill them in a reasonable number of shots, the targeting is actually worse. This is because whereas Chris and Leon had rock-solid aim in RE4 and 5, in RE6 all of the characters seem to have a lot of sway when aiming, even when standing still. There's an upgrade that you can purchase to help steady your aim, but I haven't picked it up yet to see if it fixes anything. It got frustrating to the point where I started killing enemies almost exclusively with melee. I think I ended up with more melee kills than gun kills by the end of the first chapter.

RE6 is not terrible by any means and I'm still having fun with it despite the flaws, but it's a far cry from the pure joy I experienced while playing RE5 to completion something like 4 or 5 times. I'm fine with their desire to move the RE series even further away from adventure and closer to action, but they should have focused more on tightening the mechanics before they went crazy on the content. It's like Nintendo decided to crank up their next Mario game and designed a bunch of Super Meat Boy-esque levels but only tweaked the controls by giving Mario a Super Metroid-caliber wall-jump.

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Yesterday I played a chapter off Leon's and Chris' campaign, and I liked both quite a bit.

The combat system is actually a lot deeper than anyone would expect, and I say that coming off about 4-6 hours of mercenaries yesterday. It's pretty crazy the type of stuff I began doing to keep my combo going or gain more time through melee attacks.

The hate is ridiculous, I really just can't stand it because it just seems like the people bashing the game don't know how to fucking play it. What are they just emptying full clips, mashing right trigger to melee when it involves timing, and not using the dodge system correctly?

@Barrock said:

Alright I just finished Leon's chapter 1. Took me 2 1/2 hours. A bit too padded out. The pistol feels shitty. It shouldn't take 2 entire clips to zombie's head to take it down. :(

Then you're missing the point. I played Leon's campaign on veteran and it takes 3-4 shots max to kill a zombie. That and you're supposed to stun them with bullets and utilize melee attacks which WILL one hit kill them. That's like criticizing RE4, you had to do it the same exact way in that game.

#26 Posted by Brodehouse (10797 posts) -
@StarvingGamer I feel like the aim is the main thing. RE4 and 5 gave you pinpoint accuracy on relatively slow moving enemies, but they balanced it by making fight-or-flight a decision you have to make any time a horde is advancing. Those games are about shoot-shoot-shoot-runaway-headshot-runforward-special melee attack. There's a very specific feedback loop, and the nice controls and really interesting battle areas full of exits and ladders and choke points. All that feels gone here, or sometimes you can see the bones of it and it almost makes it more sad. Rather than restrict your movement and give you perfect aim, they've restricted your accuracy and power and given you movement. I don't think that's better at all.

I could give a rip about horror/not horror. Give me a fun game and I won't care what genre it's in.
#27 Posted by MEATBALL (4121 posts) -

I played through Jake's campaign yesterday, it had some nice moments, like tracking down lost items in the middle of a snowstorm and a chapter where Jake and Sherry are separated without weapons. I enjoyed most of the final chapter except for the QTE at the end. I came away from Jake's campaign with the impression that the game was largely average, it had some highs and had some lows.

I decided to dive into Leon's campaign today and was really pleasantly surprised. I played through the first three chapters and loved it! I hope it can keep it up through chapters 4 & 5 but I'm worried it won't happen with where the story is taking Leon and Helena.

The game lacks a little polish and has the odd horrid QTE, but overall it seems it's not actually as bad as some had led me to believe. I wouldn't recommend anyone rush out and buy it, but I'm starting to feel happy with my purchase.

#28 Posted by Quarters (2225 posts) -

Up to Chapter 4 with Leon. Lovin' it. Great moments, well acted story, and generally quite fun to play. Haven't played any of the other campaigns yet, so I'll reserve comments on those. Looking forward to seeing how Leon's wraps up.

#29 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

I just finished Leons chapter 4 last night on the Xbox. I´m having a blast and cant wait to play more tonight. Im pretty invested in the Residen Evil universe, at least so far as the last 3-4 games. My first RE game was RE5 and i played it to death, both coop and solo. Actually played thru it again earlier this year. I picked up RE4 when it came out on XBLA and couldnt understand why i hadnt played it before. I also bought a 3Ds to play Revelations. So i really want to know how the story continues.

The athmosphere of the game is really great, I loved the first Leon chapter just because it felt creepy. I did struggle with the controls and the fact that the zombies are moving in a whole new way. Also the guns felt incredible underpowered, or maybe i just cant aim for shit. But after learning to roll/dodge and using skill point to level up my gun damage, the combat has become much better for me.

I did have a rage quit momen at the beginning of chapter 2 where they just pile on a bunch of zombies and i just couldnt kill them fast enough. But after calming down an hour with Borderlands 2 i came back to it and managed to clear it out. And thats really the only place where i really have had any problems with the combat.

There are some really cool setpieces that i enjoyed immensly. And i love the fact that im not even finished with one of the four campaigns yet. Much more cool stuff to come!

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