RE6 PS3 demo out tomorrow for folks with the Dragon's Dogma code.

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Y'know, for buying Dragon's Dogma new. So as long as you've inputted the code that came with, come sometime tomorrow you'll find on Dogma's main menu the option to download the RE6 demo, least if how it was made accessible on the 360 is anything to go by.

Though I think that this demo will feature different gameplay segments than the 360 demo, and I have to imagine that this'll be running with the improved camera as well. Unless CAPCOM want to further the notion that playing RE6 is like trying to play while half of your TV is covered in duct-tape. It will also feature online coop like the 360 demo, though split-screen functionality wasn't confirmed.

Also FYI, RE6's split-screen is unfortunately going to be just like RE5's, where there are weird blank spots still left on the screen that for whatever reason couldn't be filled up by the actual game. I still think coop is one of the biggest contributors to RE's downfall, but I did enjoy playing RE5's Mercenaries in split-screen and this weird disconnect with parts of the screen could sometimes make it hard to focus.


Anywhoo the demo is to also be released publicly on PSN and XBLM on the 18th of September. But for the 360, that is only for Gold members. For 360 Silver members, the date is the 25th of September... Do Microsoft usually delay demos like that a week between Gold & Silver profiles? Ah whatever. I doubt many people are in a rush to play RE6 as of late anywhoo. Though I am curious to see what this demo is about, and whether it will actually be of an improved build over the 360 version. Particularly curious to hear from people who perhaps have also played the 360 demo so as to compare.

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The split screen kind of has to be that way, or you wind up with thoroughly insane viewpoints if you stretch it. It works for first person shooters, but not so much third person shooters.

I don't mind co-op gameplay in Resident Evil, though it would be cool if they had fundamental differences. Ie. RE4 would've been fun if a second player could play as Ashley and avoid zombies and assist the first player indirectly. It doesnt make sense that Chris would explore the mansion alone, and then switch to Rebecca who unlocked doors all alone; they would go together.

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@Brodehouse: The Gears of War games' splitscreen works perfectly fine so I don't see why it has to look like it does in RE5/RE6. And as for the coop, that is more of me still clinging to something that has long been lost from RE. From an action stand-point, sure, coop serves to amplify the amount of guns on screen and team-building bravado, but considering just how extremely capable and powerful Leon was in RE4, to then give you another equally capable ally in the form of Sheva for Chris only made things even easier, pushing it even further away from any sort of 'survival' gameplay and the intense feeling of isolation.

I'm not completely against the idea of characters working together, though, and just because there are multiple characters doesn't mean cooperative gameplay is a necessity. RE0 is a good example where having two characters, but single-player gameplay, worked. It didn't make any sense whatsoever as to why Billy couldn't mix herbs, but it was a comprise I could understand to finally indulge the idea of pairing up two characters who are smart enough not to split-up, while giving each character a speciality. Even with another character at your side, you're still struggling to conserve ammunition and share supplies with one another, and it still felt like Resident Evil. If anything because of Rebecca's frailty, it only piled on more micro-management and was more kin to an escort mission - with one such escort that you could take control of. And maaan, when you're playing alone just as Rebecca? Fucking incredible. I loved that part because of how you were clearly used to playing as Billy, who was intentionally a bit of tank, so it was like capcom pulled the safety-blanket from under your arms right then and there forcing you to play as the infinitely less durable Rebecca.

And then you bump into Enrico amidst the game's RE2 fanfair portion, who disappears completely without any talk about the fucking zombies and shit, and the fact that most of his team is most likely dead. Rebecca didn't even bring up Edward Dewey's death or having to then kill him when he reanimated as a zombie! That was all pretty stupid, but otherwise I loved that segment.

More to the point, I quite frankly wouldn't have minded if that's how Resident Evil was always like, but because of the era and experimentation and all that, they decided to keep it strictly solo. For the most part. I mean Leon & Ada temporarily working together in RE2 was pretty cool from a story stand-point, and the motherly instincts of Claire protecting Sherry was a nice touch, too. I especially liked how she'd hold your hand when she was close enough--kinda cold how Claire instantly lets go once you start walking again, though--or she'd kneel down onto the ground if you got too far away (and fortunately when there are no enemies around), kinda like an actual kid. But judging by the majority of your posts I've seen about Resident Evil, you and I clearly have radically different reasons for enjoying the series. It's why the first Outbreak game stands as one of my favourite of the entire series (without online I may add) and why I'm sure you probably couldn't stand it. And again, for this sort of context, cooperative gameplay fits, but my stubbornness to the series and my desire for it to somehow resemble certain aspects of what it used to be about means that I can't help but still play them on my own.

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this should be fun.. or not that fun if the reception is taken into consideration. i tried nabbing this from a friend when he gave me his RE6 code only to find out that you needed Dragon's Dogma to play it because it was on-disc. it looks like they really wanted people to play Dragon's Dogma.

ouch. nice one, Capcom. anyhow, i thought the co-op was a total blast in Resident Evil 5. while not the best resident evil game, i certainly enjoyed it for what it was. this game, despite it's cool Yakuza 4-like concept with multiple stories coming together, this one doesn't look too hot for some reason. maybe this demo'll put the game in a good light provided that they, like you said, get those problems all fixed up.

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@AjayRaz said:

i tried nabbing this from a friend when he gave me his RE6 code only to find out that you needed Dragon's Dogma to play it because it was on-disc.

Serious?! Fucking CAPCOM -_-

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Traded in DD after I was done. RE is dead to me from what I've seen in the quicklook.

Capcom needs to understand that going Call of Duty is not the right direction RE needs.

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@Yummylee said:

Do Microsoft usually delay demos like that a week between Gold & Silver profiles?

Yeah, silver members usually have to wait a week before they get access to a demo.

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@Crixaliz said:

@Yummylee said:

Do Microsoft usually delay demos like that a week between Gold & Silver profiles?

Yeah, silver members usually have to wait a week before they get access to a demo.

Wow, that's kinda shitty. But it's evidentally a well worn practise of theirs so no point starting a fuss about it now.

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@Yummylee I wouldn't even be able to tell you what it is I like about the series (other than 4, which is one of the greatest games ever made). The early ones it was the presentation (it was the Uncharted of its time) and the subject matter was enticing, horror wasn't a big thing. The fixed camera, the map design, I still like it now and if I built a game I'd find some way to recreate it (more the Silent Hill map design, which is superior). And despite the let's say Classic nature of the performances, I liked the narrative. Horrifying zombie apocalypse was kind of novel in the late 90s. Now I prefer mind-control parasites and monsters from beyond man's sanity.

But a lot of the limitations the genre places on you straight up limits the genre. I wrote a blog a while back about how limited resources forces the player to ignore narrative or natural progression in favor of optimization. Limited saves is beyond ridiculous, but even limited health and ammo throughout the entire game makes a horror story into a pack rat micromanagement simulator. I'm much more a fan of limited inventory but plentiful supplies.

As for co-op killing horror, I've always played horror games with my roommate with only a couple exceptions. Because we both like the subject matter but I'm the only one willing to tolerate the gameplay (with the exception of Dead Space). I look at playing a horror game alone "to increase the fear" the same as going to a horror flick alone; which is to say, what's the point? I face personal fear everytime I walk home at night, I like monstrous fear to be a shared experience.
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@Brodehouse: That is one such area where we both differ. I've always preferred nearly everything to do with horror to be a strictly solo affair. Although sometimes I do enjoy watching horror movie with someone else after I've already seen it, just for some twisted enjoyment on my end. Like with House of the Devil (piece of beauty that is), watching it with my little brother I would just stay as quiet as possible, basically to create the illusion that he is on his own, while I patiently wait for the ensuing scares and his reaction - or in HoTD's case, to watch him squirm while he waits for the scares.. When I was younger I also liked to show off a lot of the nasty stuff in Resident Evil to me mates; the debut of the Licker in RE2 I remember bringing out a bit of a reaction. But like with horror films, I always prefer to head in first on my own because it's always the most effective atmosphere. Lights out, headphones on - let's fucking do this!

Even if it's not a particularly scary game, like the majority of the Resident Evil games, I'd still prefer single-player anyway for the sake of the pacing and atmosphere. Because the old RE's are action/adventure games, I always enjoy to take my time with the adventure part. I enjoyed reading the memos, walking down corridors, the general exploration. By its very nature, I wouldn't imagine adding in another live player wouldn serve that sort of game very well. The kind of thrills I'd get from slowly walking down a darkly lit corridor in Resident Evil is very different to the sort of thrills from, say, staving a never-ending horde of 'infected' in Left4Dead with 3 buddies at your back, and I've always found the former more appealing than the latter.

Anywhoo, as for ''how limited resources forces the player to ignore narrative or natural progression in favor of optimization''. I don't quite get what you mean there.

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I traded in DD months ago. It doesn't matter to me anyway I lost interest in the RE series.

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Awesome! should check it out after work tomorrow then.

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Cool gonna try it out. Love re. I keep reading how bad the demo is but then at gamespot and ign they basically said all those issues are resolved or way better. Very curious to play it but no matter what I'll be buying it. Amazon has 10 dollar credit for pre orders of anyone is considering. Free money!

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@Yummylee: Played it through a few times (twice with leon, 3 times with Chris, twice with Jake). Gonna be doing a small write up about what I thought later but overall, each time I played I liked it more. This wasn't a surprise to me, I always had to fiddle with RE controls before I got the hang of em and now that I do I am quite happy with it. You can be amazingly mobile and agile once you get the hang of it. But the camera tweak was NOT in the ps3 version so that is still most definitely an issue. But I read a new demo is hitting Sept. 18th that features all new areas for each character (and hopefully that new camera).
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Trying not to star a new post to ask a dumb question but when i adjusted the camera movement during the demo it didnt change, has this been addressed in the released version? I had the setting to zero and it was really my only problem throught my time with the game.

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