Resident Evil 6 tops Japanese sales charts.

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Was hoping it would bomb.

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This really shows it's a different world out there. It'd be good to get some insight on exactly why it sold so well in Japan when it's received such strong criticism in the west.

Who's to say it's not selling well over here?

I can't find NA sales numbers at all yet even good ol' VGchartz doesn't have figures yet.

I'm not saying it didn't sell well outside of Japan, maybe it is selling well for whatever reasons in some western territories as well, I'm just saying it got a critical beating in the west, we know it's doing very well over there, and it would be interesting to find out why. Western territories also don't just mean North America, while we don't have exact sales numbers for the UK, we do know that over here despite being the fourth biggest release of 2012 it's not done anywhere near as well as RE5 did.

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I've noticed that the Japanese don't rage quit as much as the Americans.

There's plenty of Japanese rage quitters on Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom.

I don't think there's any real grounds to such claims.

Those games are competitive though. There are a couple of people (mostly Americans) that will rage quit while playing Mercenaries (a co-op mode) because you drop a combo or enter the dying state. We are in the RE6 forum, I didn't think I would have to specify what game I was talking about. 
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@SuperWristBands: I highly doubt that. Not that RE has been good since 4 but still.

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@WarlordPayne: been done with that franchise since 4. IE the last good one.

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I must play this game to see if it's as bad as brad says . I feel like the Gameplay issues have been there since re1. So they must be very bad for brad to dislike it so much. I have to see for myself

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Oh wow, Resident Evil 6, you beat Winning Eleven and some old portable releases, and some new PSP games...

World's tallest midget!

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