Some comments on RE6's reviews are.. quite amazing.

#1 Posted by audioBusting (1809 posts) -

From Joystiq's comment section:

Gaming review sites are turning into the liberal media. You can't trust them for anything, they're biased, and they think Call of Duty and Madden deserves a 9/10 every year when it's literally the same game.

I can't say anything nor care any less about Resident Evil 6's quality (I don't plan on getting it), but I was just curious enough to see the comment sections for the low-score reviews (e.g. Joystiq, Gamespot). Wow. It seems like every argument against reviews (bias, omission of positives, unfairness, etc) is being used in addition to plain insults. I'm starting to wonder if most of them are actually trolls, especially since that same commenter dissed someone's mother because they said they didn't like the demo. Those comments were just as bad as the ones on that WSJ Borderlands 2 review, so I guess it might not matter if a review's actually good or not to get a lot of flak. Thoughts?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -

My thoughts? People on the internet are stupid.

#3 Posted by wordfalling (205 posts) -

I love comment blocker extensions.

#4 Posted by FlarePhoenix (423 posts) -

Alright here is the math:

A regular person with an opinion + someone with a differing opinion + someway to respond to said opinion + an audience + complete anonymity = angry person who hurls every insult they can at the person with the differing opinion, because they don't have to fear any consequences.

#5 Posted by peritus (1097 posts) -

It's just the internet being the internet.

Its probably true that some reviews are biased or even bought but there's plenty of real ones aswell. You know, like the giant bomb ones. ( well quicklooks instead of reviews, but i prefer a QL over a review anyway. )

Also fanboys/girls are way louder then regular gaming folk.

#6 Posted by nintendoeats (6150 posts) -

Having been a 14 year old on the internet, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

#7 Posted by groin (869 posts) -

This is what happens when people that have more time than money save 6 months of their allowance to buy a game. People are looking for validation of their purchase. Nobody wants to admit that they made a bad decision.

#8 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

Yeah, giving Call of Duty now 9/10 is pretty stupid.

#9 Posted by JigsawIntoSpace (51 posts) -

The main problem with the internet is that everyone appears to be equal. In real life, if you hear some 14 year old say something as ridiculously stupid as you hear on a forum everyday, you just laugh it off and say "shiiitt, that kid is dumb." Eventually, you just assume everyone is 14 on the internet until proven otherwise.

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I listen to the reasoning of the score and try to validate what they said with the score. Sometimes when I watch an IGN or Gamespot video review they seem to praise the game only to see it get a low score. The negatives they list are barely mentioned.

So I just go with the other party. Normal individual websites that give honest opinions. Hell I sometimes even go to forums :)

#11 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

Need I remind you of the Wall Street Journal Borderlands 2 review? In case I do here it is. Sometimes the hate reviews get is deserved...most of the time however, not really. With that said I'd stop reading any sort of comments if I were you, especially those on youtube.

#12 Posted by Zekhariah (700 posts) -

I'm hoping Tom Chick reviews it. For some reason I like that guys prospective, even when I can't decide whether it will score 5/5 or 1/5 in this case.

#13 Posted by LarryDavis (1589 posts) -

I don't know why people even pay attention to scores anymore. I don't think I've seen anything get lower than a 4/10 or its equivalent in the past few years, despite being total garbage. Occasionally you get obvious shovelware that merits a humorous review, but that's about it. 8 is the new average.

#14 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

@audioBusting said:

From Joystiq's comment section:

Gaming review sites are turning into the liberal media.

More like Fox News if you ask me.

#15 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5016 posts) -

Never take comment sections seriously because those guys take everything seriously.

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