The Spoilercast happened

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The crew mentioned a possible podcast discussing Resident Evil 6 at length. They've actually gone and done it.

Brad joins One Kill Phil and Kevin and a Joystiq guy to talk about RE 6. I haven't played it yet and don't understand how people are saying this is worse than Operation Raccoon City, but screw it... gonna give this a listen.

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Much like with the 8-4 Play podcast, I'm going to have to give this a miss because I'm only going to wish that I could join in on the conversation if I listen. =(

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Debating whether to listen or not. It's not like I'm going to play RE6 for the story, after all, but I'd like some surprises left for when I play it. Just how much do they cover?

Edit: Fuck it, let's do this thing.

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I listened to this yesterday. 
It is spoiler heavy, but for someone like me who has no more ties to Resident Evil (haven't played it since RE2) I found it very interesting and helped understand more what the problems are with the game. The spoilers were pretty meaningless to me and by the time I play RE6 (when its super cheap) I wont even remember. 
I enjoyed it.

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@CornBREDX said:

The spoilers were pretty meaningless to me and by the time I play RE6 (when its super cheap) I wont even remember.

Yep, my plan exactly.

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We know why they all gave it low scores I think. It's because none of them discovered this:

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