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A trailer recently came out for the newly announced Resident Evil 6. From the trailer it looks like our favorite Resident Evil 4 protagonist will make a return along with the bolder smashing Chris Redfield. It looks like the combat will be more versatile as you can go to cover quicker or perform so bad ass moves too. I'm not good at dissecting trailers and I'm not the biggest RE fan so I'm probably missing a lot of details. This is just to discuss it in general and if we're ready for a new Resident Evil game. I really liked the trailer, for some reason. It must Leon Kennedy's bangs..

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I thought it looked pretty damn impressive. (Being a HUGE RE fan though I tend to always get excited)

Also being set 10 years after the Raccon city incident sets the game in 2008 which would set it before the events of Resi 5.

Leon also looking a lot older.

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Looks like the whole co-op mechanic will be back which would be a huge disappointment. I'm all for a co-op mode for when you have a human partner but I'd prefer my single player game to not be bogged down with managing an AI partner.

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