Why is the decision so split on RE6?

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#51 Posted by Yummylee (22538 posts) -

@JazGalaxy: And Alone in The Dark was inspired by Sweet Home...

#52 Posted by cosi83 (422 posts) -

People should not of had high expectations for 6 after 5

#53 Posted by DarthOrange (3893 posts) -
@Genkkaku said:

@DarthOrange: You can turn on the laser light in the options.. that crosshair is kinda useless

Yup I figured it out yesterday while playing. Being able to change the color of the laser is pretty neat too. 
I finished the Leon campaign yesterday and I got to say it was fantastic! Once you change the shooting to laser sight mode the game plays wonderfully. The controls are fantastic and I have yet to see any bugs. The only problem I had with the Leon campaign was that it felt like it concluded in the forth chapter, and while it seems like Chris and Jake were still off doing other stuff Leon was left without any purpose. His last chapter was just ridiculously repetitive and it felt like filler. 
@regularassmilk said:

I played a little bit of RE6 the other day, enough to form an opinion of its mechanics anyway--and the game just feels clunky as hell. 

What was it that felt clunky to you? Was it the crosshair? That was what was bothering me and after I changed it to the laser sight the game played perfectly. The game also does piss poor at explaining mechanics, like the quick shot. If there ever was a game that needed a manual, it was this one.
#54 Posted by JazGalaxy (1576 posts) -

@Yummylee said:

@JazGalaxy: And Alone in The Dark was inspired by Sweet Home...

Unless you can provide some proof, I have absolutely no reason to believe that Infogrames took one shred of alone in the dark from Sweet Home. The gameplay styles are entirely different, the story is entirely different, that graphical styles are entirely different. There's nothing Infogrames COULD have taken from Sweet Home. Sweet Home is basically Dragon Warrior in a haunted house.

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