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Incoming FLamE

Gone are the days of classic Resi Survival horror. This is an action game with a resi-skin. The graphics are nice on the character models and a few times through the campaigns i have said out loud "wow that is terrible looking". Other times they pull off the scale Capcom was going for and they do it well.

Controls, Controls, Controls.......

It reminds me of getting used to Gears of War. At first i was rolling when i wanted to run. Not taking cover when needed. Rolling on the floor like an idiot. After about 2 hours or so i started getting into it. After completing the campaigns i feel comfortable enough. It did take me quite a few tries to get down RE5's Controls so this was not new to a RE game.

Sound/Voice Acting:

Sound is on par with most current action games. Good on surround sound with crisp bullet sounds and sexy zombie groans. Music is good and the voice acting (Although story is still terrible) sounds great.


I have been playing mostly with a co-op partner but when she was not around my A.I did not supernova fail on me. When you need your partner to help they actually do it. Unlike in RE5 where they would use all your ammo (infinite now if AI) and herbs. Then run around like an idiot untill death. You get them up to a higher ledge or press a switch to allow them to free you, they will do just fine in the task at hand. You can even mark enemies like you would in WOW or COD2 and your partner will attack them first.

The QTE's are numerous and mostly easier than RE5's. Although more frequent and notably more annoying. A few parts of the game i found myself opening 4 doors in a row that all required me to waggle the hell out of the analog.....


Last night i joined a few games in Agent Hunt mode. It reminds me a bit of dark souls PVP. you join another groups game as a zombie/jaavo and then you murder some poor bastard who is just trying to finish the checkpoint. Fun stuff! downside is that they dont give you much to go on with the control scheme, but just like campaign after a few tries you can figure out what they can do. Mercs mode returns and at the moment only has 3 levels unlocked. I believe they are going to add more as DLC down the road; but this is the same old deal as before. Beat the hell out of zombies and make huge combos meanwhilist keeping your timer going with combos and time bonus.

Replay Value.

I still have quite a few skills to unlock and this will give you a little more incentive to run through the campaigns again. Alternate Costumes and other things i have not found but i will update more as i get to it.

Overall Score:

Graphics 8.5/10

Sound 9/10

Controls 6/10

Replay Value 8/10

Overall 7.5/10

Posted by RobertOrri

So you're basing your review on the demo and part of one of the four campaigns?

Posted by WilliamHenry

@RobertOrri said:

So you're basing your review on the demo and part of one of the four campaigns?

I was thinking the same thing. This "review" feels like it should be on

Posted by Chaser324


Here goes i am sure i will get heat for this but this is my honest opinion

I don't think any of us would have a problem with your review or the score you gave it if you had actually experienced more than probably about 20% of the game's content.

Also, a general note on this and your other reviews, some decent formatting (proper use of paragraphs, capitalization, punctuation) would go a long way towards improving your credibility. A wall of unformatted semi-coherent text is the trademark of a troll, and I might be wrong about this, but I don't think you're intentionally trolling.

Posted by MalkavTheClown

@Chaser324: Updated review @WilliamHenry: Updated Review@RobertOrri: updated review. Sorry guys i was in a hurry at the time and i have updated my review.

Posted by TruthTellah

This review is improved, but it's definitely still a bit thin. There's still kind of that impression that you've only seen a portion of the game and not the full experience. If you've completed it, I feel like talking about the campaign more might help flesh out the review. Keep at it.

Posted by MalkavTheClown

@TruthTellah: For sure! i wanted avoid giving away any spoilers etc. But more or less just give a heads up to people that are on the fence and may enjoy the game. Thank you for the constructive feedback :)

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