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Wiggle the analog stick to not die...

Resident Evil 6 is a checklist game. What is a checklist game? It's a game that tries to take common and popular video game tropes and tries to turn it into something coherent. These games don't have to be bad, mind you. Games like "Darksiders" and even "Borderlands" operate off a checklist and manage to form their own identities.

Resident Evil 6 is a bad checklist game. It operates off a checklist that has almost no semblance of structure. Whereas the aforementioned games managed to build a sound structure in which to show off what they've done with their checklists, Resident Evil 6 is more than happy just to throw every trope they could think of in a blender and hope that something tasty comes out of it. I'm sad to report that the results are pretty damn nasty.

Where to even begin? I feel like I just explained exactly what's wrong with this game in two short paragraphs. I could start off with the abysmal QTEs, which constantly have you mash buttons and shake the analog stick. Or even worse, the slow motion ones where you have to shoot a specific monster or object in order to succeed; these kinds of QTE's require you to have ammo already in your weapon you have equipped, if not, the game does randomly throw down a box of ammo for you, but by the time you've reloaded, you failed.

There are brain dead set pieces with frustrating instant deaths. Your control in these set pieces is tenuous at best, often just requiring you to hold down a button and the pushing the analog stick in a specific direction. There is shooting as well, and it's the best part of the game because it's merely mediocre. The gunshots sound powerful at least and enemies (mostly) react to where you shoot them; but there's little sense of impact or joy to the combat. The melee system is also clunky and imprecise thanks in part to the erratic camera.

I could talk about the story, which is essentially a reject Michael Bay movie. It's not engaging in the slightest and most of the exposition is hidden beneath files that you get by shooting objects in the environment. God forbid they weave this into the narrative somehow, which is a sloppy mess of explosions and one-liners.

There's little joy or fun to be had in Resident Evil 6. Period. That's really all you need to know.

1.5/5 stars

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You and I are most certainly on the same footing with RE6. And it's been interesting reading the opinions of someone with no prior investment of the series. Are you going to give RE4 & RE5 a go so as to expand your perspective? Chances are you'll at the very least have an improved time with them, but I'm curious to see how favourable you'll be, given so many others are so adamant in saying RE6 plays like its predecessors.

Posted by shivermetimbers

@Yummylee: Sorry for being several months late in my response. In response to if I'll play RE4 or 5, I actually own RE2 on my PS3 and have since started to play the game. I'm generally positive about it. It's more methodical in its approach, which is different from it's "action packed" cousin RE6. I really don't like balls to the wall action non stop, at least in gaming. But to finally answer your question, I don't know if I'll ever make time for it. Dead Space seems more up my alley in terms of horror action, and my to-do list is packed with stuff to do, both in terms of gaming and real life. I /might/ try and find time to try it out, but I'm more into sci-fi horror than zombies, if that makes any sense.

Posted by Yummylee

@shivermetimbers: Huh, I'm surprised to hear you enjoyed RE2. And yeah, part of why I hated RE6 was its complete bombardment of ''high-octane action, brah!'' every which way. Among other such criticisms of course, but yeah, the pacing was fucking ludicrous in RE6. I do sometimes enjoy fast-paced action as I'm a huge Gear of Wars fan, but I like slower-paced games, too. Unfortunately RE6 was too embroiled with trying to be another Gears, another Call of Duty.

For as action-orientated as RE4 and RE5 are, they're still very slow and even unique in some regards. RE6 is just another shooter, only it controls like crap, half of the game involves QTE's, and it barely even tries to be a horror game of any sort. I like diversity in my games, and seeing RE6 morph into something so shamefully iterative was so damn depressing, especially given how so few horror games there are to be found.

I understand what you mean about the sci-fi thing, too. Sc-Fi lends itself to a very different atmosphere and aesthetic than something like Resident Evil.

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