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Game of 2012

I honestly do not see why everybody hates this game, I thought it was the most enjoyable gaming experience of 2012, to this day I am still playing and loving every minute.

All of the complaints I see about the controls, movement and shooting, for me at least, are just not right. The game runs fluently and I do not see where these people are coming from. I played all four campaigns cooperatively with a friend and he feels the exact same way, it is a thousand times better than RE 5 and I believe it holds up to RE 4, this is one excellent game.

Here, you get for full campaigns for the price of one, they could have just slapped Leon's campaign on and be done with it but no, we have four full ones. They all interlink too and the characters sometimes meet up on their journey for a short while to fight a boss and it works so well. There is also a mode you can active called Agent Hunt, when playing as Chris and Piers you meet up with Jake and Sherry, well if you have Agent Hunt activated, the two other people are real people playing together on their campaign and the zombies are real players too! It is an excellent feature and I am so glad they put this in.

All four campaigns are lengthy, each having 5 chapters to complete taking around an hour for each chapter. For the amount of content here, it is definitely worth the buy, especially now you can get it for half price.

The story for all for campaigns are well told and you find yourself cheering for the character whose campaign you are in. For example Jake and Chris do not get on, yet when I played as Chris I was siding myself with Chris, but as Jake, I was on his side. It really shows us that it depends on the perspective and not everything is as black and white as it seems, they are all good people fighting their own fight.

It has been bashed for no good reason, I cannot believe the bad scores for this game while other games still get pushed out year after year with the same content and still score high scores (Old argument I know)

If you enjoy Resident Evil then I say this game is a must buy!

They have set the bar for Resident Evil 7.

Game of 2012 in my opinion.

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    Why Does this exist. It is like Michael Bay and J.J Abrams made a video game and M. Night Shyamalan tried to be in this but not much. It ruined Resident Evil for me and I hope whoever made this game lost there jobs and they need to have the people (or as good) as Resident Evil 1-4. I wouldn't make my worst enemy play this game....

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