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Making use of the DS touch screen

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence takes the classic survival horror series to the Nintendo DS. Deadly Silence is an enhanced port of the Playstation original, with two different modes. The first mode is Classic and is exactly the same as the Playstation original but with the addition of the quick knife (hold L) and the 180 degree turn added in later installments to the franchise. Rebirth mode contains more enemies and ammo, as well as specific content for this mode that utilize the unique functions of the DS. These include touch screen knife fights as well as puzzles using the touch screen and microphone for control.


The story is the same as the original game and follows members of STARS who are investigating a mysterious mansion that they have come across. Soon it is discovered that all is not so well in this mansion as zombies and other creatures roam through the halls, leaving you to discover what exactly is happening. As you progress through the story you will find out the secrets that have been hidden and the members of STARS will have their first encounter with the infamous Umbrella Corporation. All the beloved original (terrible) voice acting is included as well.

Additional Modes

The new Master of Knifing game mode

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence also features a brand new gameplay mode called Master of Knifing (an obvious allusion to the infamous phrase Master of Unlocking) that is unlocked after completing the game. Master of Knifing consists of 5 rounds of increasingly difficult knife fights culminating with the fight against the giant zombie snake from the main game.


In addition, there is a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players that involves getting from one end of the level to another ether as a team or competitively, with multiple members of STARS playable and 3 maps to play on. The downsides of this mode are that you can't actually see anyone when you are playing the game (instead they are represented by colored stars in game) and that it is only local multiplayer, making replay value somewhat dubious.

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