junior_ain's Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (Nintendo DS) review

Hands down a classic! Now portable classic!

I've been a Nintendo maniac throughout my whole life, so my first encounter with a Resident Evil game was with the second one, which was released for the Nintendo 64, because of that I lost the true beginning of the series, of course we were granted the great remake in the GameCube era, and that's am excellent game, but it's always good to play a classic in it's true form, and that's what you get here, a classic in it's primordial form, and better, portable!

Now, Resident Evil is a perfect game to be ported to a handheld, especially the first, the graphics weren't great, at least not for today's standards, at the time they were hot stuff; the mechanics fit well in a handheld with no analog stick, it's the good old Resident Evil controls that many learned to hate, and some, like me, still love; two screens, one for navigation and the other holds the action, no touching features though, not that it was necessary, nor it was unneeded, it's just the way it should be, for a brand new Resident Evil game the touching screen must be used properly, but this is not the case because the game's beauty ends up being it's classic appeal.

If you played the original, and don't feel inclined to go through the whole game again, maybe the addition of a "rebirth mode", which includes some new twists, and a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, change your mind.

So the whole package is there, all the zombies, rooms, sounds and atmosphere that crafted a perfect gloomy ambiance, thrilling and creepy, it's Resident Evil in it's true form and ported magnificently, no fan of the old series formula should miss this one, a classic in portable form, ready to be played anywhere you go!


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