Does this no longer work on PC?

#1 Posted by Funzzo (951 posts) -

I kinda liked this game so I installed it and tried to play it, but it wont launch at all. I know this game had GFWL. Could this be the issue? I don't want to play online only single player. Any help would be great.

#2 Posted by Corevi (6793 posts) -

Crack it.

#3 Posted by Funzzo (951 posts) -

The only crack I could find was an xlive.dll that did nothing. I should not have to crack a game I own.

#4 Posted by Corevi (6793 posts) -

@funzzo: I certainly agree, however that's what you have to do with every GFWL game now.

#5 Posted by xamon0288 (6 posts) -

It still works without the need to crack it. If you are using windows 8 (or 8.1) or first have to install GFWL separately from the game

Then go into you documents, then Capcom then RERC and delete the settings.dat file. It should work after that.

#6 Posted by Steadying (1726 posts) -

Only two years old and now unplayable. Video games are fun.

#7 Posted by Funzzo (951 posts) -

Big thanks to xamon0288! deleting the settings.dat file fixed my problem. Thanks!

#8 Posted by Funzzo (951 posts) -

Now the controller option is grayed out. Did it lose controller support when it lost GFWL?

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