Nemesis Mode (video)

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Hi everyone. Below I'm going to post a video I did featuring the Xbox 360 exclusive mode. Sorry for my shitty commentary/skills. Hope this helps in making your choice to spend 320 MS points or not.

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This is youtube spaaaaam.  You gotta write at least a paragraph before you post a videl

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Thanks for the video. That's about what I expected. I did love that moment when you got cornered by Nemesis. "Shhhh!" Heh heh.

What I didn't expect was having to pay for it, seeing how its exclusive and all. I don't know, I had some misconception it was free. But five bucks. Maybe. I guess most of the problem I have with the mode involve the interpretation of Nemesis with the mini-gun. It's very second RE movie style. For the sake of gameplay it works well enough, but I guess I always picture RE3 where Nemesis traps you in a corner and beats your senseless. He also had a lot of grabs and one-hit-kills and I could see that getting annoying in a mulitplayer mode.

Anyways, thanks again.

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Threads which consist of videos and little or no original text are YouTube spam and violate the forum rules. In the future please try to write one or two decently sized paragraphs alongside your video, written in a way that is intended to incite discussion.


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