Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City - Teaser

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 JGonzo on Capcom Unity has posted the teaser for the upcoming game.

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Running+shooting confirmed, congrats to all the whiners! Also as much as I dislike his interpretation of Kennedy, it's respectable to see Paul Mercier still doing the voice of Leon.

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Looks pretty fun!

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Awesome. I properlly shouldnt get hyped for this yet but I still love me some Resi. This game should have some insane-ass battle involving Nemesis.

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1. Is that Leon's voice from previous games?
2. I have no hope for this game. Slant Six is a garbage developer.

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This could either turn out really badly or surprisingly good. There will be no in-between.
At least it seems like the graphics/art style is appropriately gritty.

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@RE_Player92 said:

" 1. Is that Leon's voice from previous games?  "

Every game (And the Direct-2-DVD Degeneration) minus RE2, yeah.
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@RE_Player92 said:
" 1. Is that Leon's voice from previous games? 2. I have no hope for this game. Slant Six is a garbage developer. "
I told Christian Svennson the same thing. Speaking frankly, Capcom have already fucked up by outsourcing grail-like franchises to the wrong developers, as well as not giving them adequate supervision, and now they do this. Capcom's risk assessment sucks, haha, I told Yoshinori Ono this also. If they fuck up again, they only have themselves to blame. 
Tango Studios are rumoured to be working on their own game in this genre...  
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@Contro: Blue Castle did a great job working closely with Capcom to make Dead Rising 2 before they bought them and Dead Rising 2 is one of favorite games. All hope is not lost yet. But its true i didn't like SOCOM. :(
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Looks like take on Left 4 Dead. Can't wait!

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Pssh I'm excited for Mr.X. Tyrants ROCK! And he looks like he is gonna be in the mix with the other undead.

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I really really really really don't want this to turn bad. I love Resident Evil so much. I am excited to see Mr.X return he was a very good part of RE2. I hope we get rookie Leon back instead of wise cracking special agent Leon.

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Needs Tofu or hunk 

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@slightconfuse said:
" Needs Tofu or HUNk  "
I have a really good feeling Hunk will be in considering his place in RE2. Tofu would be a very awesome thing to add.
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I need to see some gameplay and HUNK and then maybe this game will have a chance.

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idk i was a fan of the outbreak back in the day. even though it had the clunky moving of the original series and crappy networking. this game just make wonderi if it'll be like an update of that formula or just a clone of L4D

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Looks enticing, still probably not enough to make me play co-op.

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