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I know plenty of people who started playing Resident evil after 4 and enjoy the "Series" But being a long time Resident Evil fan in this day and age is more of a broken leg than it is another pair of arms. Every time something is "Added" To the Resident Evil cannon they "And by they i mean Capcom" Pretty well spits on the early itteration of the series.... Y'know those things that made them so popular in the first place. They add characters where they dont fit, Events that never happend, And at some points taking entire stories and Huge earthshattering events that continued the story from the original timeline and threw them out the window.

But Operation Raccoon City states that it is a ?What if game? So right out of the gates it was a little more forgivable to have some events changed. And not gunna lie, Being able to shoot that jonathan taylor thomas look'n kid Leon, Was a moment of pure joy.

The problems with this game are pretty apparent from the start. You Start it up and after it having to update DAY ONE. It also has to install, After that good'ol BS is done you can finally start, you get into the mission mode, Then you get to pick a character from the roster of 3 cool guys and a group of girls that for some reason decided that Umbrella's armor uniform policy when going into a Zombie infested zone was optional.

Beltway, Your Ma'BOY!!!

The Male characters are in reality variants on the Hunk template, And the Female characters are based on Ada templates. All of them suffer from the suffocating problem in the gaming industry, TCS "Token Character Syndrome" They are the same characters you've seen a million times that for some reason people can't get off of, You have the angry guy from Detroit, The German medic, The Asian scientist, The brooding guy that has no name. And so fourth and so on.

After you choose the team that is least offensive to you you arrive at one of the cutscenes from Resident Evil 2 being led by Hunk, The almightly one himself. Leads you to a few gunfights with Umbrella guards.....Dont we work for....Oh they are mercinaries.....That....ok anyway. And one of the most annoying problems with this game starts to show its shiny crap covered head.

Your AI sompanions are complete and total F%&@ ups!!!

They will litterally stand in front of a trip mine staring at it deep in though about how they can get by this mine to gather the anti viral spray so you and your friends dont turn into a zombie and eat eachothers skin. after a few seconds, Instead of just shooting the mine to clear it away then walk over unapposed and unharmed, They just walk into the lazer and blow the hell up. Without fail ever SINGLE time!!!!. After about an hour of this the laughter kinda fades off... and it starts getting kinda like Minecraft when your trying to lead a few sheep through the woods full of zombies.... Wool everywhere.

Next lets talk about the "Zombies" In Resident Evil 1-3 the zombies were rotting, Bloody, With cracking skin missing lips and milky eyes. moaning obssessivly as they shamble around the world looking for flesh to debone.

The Infected in Operation Raccoon City are more simmilar to the "Zombies" From Left4Dead, They are much faster than the shamblers from earlyer games, They dont moan instead they hiss and growl almost exactly like the zombies from DeadRising. Normally that is a drop in the bucket of the bigger picture, But the Original had atmosphere and quiet and the creepy moans and wet shambling noises made by zombies can make your skin crawl. The most fearful reaction i had while playing REORC was when i dropped my MachineGun and picked up a Bolt action rifle in the middle of a close range battle with a Hunter. Other than that, nothing in this entire game is actually scary in the least. The few scares they try to get are Jump scares when things bust our of doors, That happens a grand total of 6 times in this game, 1 is enough but they just rape the corpse of that ploy.

Now lets get to Leon S. Kennedy the ol'Fruit Bat himself. The game advertised that you could actually kill Leon, And well... they didn't lie. You can kill him but you have to wait untill the very end of the game after a capture the RPD gimp multiplayer game. It was a good time only because we got to kill Leon. But! He is almost goddamn immortal I had a tommy gun, A extremly powerful weapon, And i littered his face with well over 6,000 rounds, Thats not even a joke! i counted how many shells I had in each clip and how many times i was missing it was around 6'000 rounds. That plus all the grenades that i chucked at him through the fight. it was a frustrating end to this let down game. And whats worse I paid 70 freak'n dollars for this thing. Thats a deposit to the idiot tax that i wont see again.

now on a final note, the day one DLC, The costumes you can get consist of reskins, Darker leather and red lights.... 3 bucks please. In the end it leaves you with a feeling of wasted time and broken dreams. not the worse but far far far from being good, Better than RE4-5 but the classics still beat this out.

Now last on the list of shit this game gets wrong. The Multiplayer. It works well, And can be very fun both the V.S and the Co-op are fun but there is one tiny problem. THERE IS NO FUCKING SPLIT SCREEN!!!! Why take that feature out of a game that would bennifit so much from it!!?? I mean thats the reason I bought the game in fact. On the back of the PS3 case it says multiplayer 1-4 then it lists a seperate number for network players 1-8 so that lays on the impression that 4 people can play offline right? Nope! And at first I just thought I misread it then I visited a gamestop and looked at some other games that state player 1-4 online players 1-4 and you can split screen or online play. it was very large mistake and it could have been fixed with a simple implication of code to allow the use of a split screen....guuhhh.... i gotta go play Resident Evil 1 or somthing.....

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