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Polished Turd...Capcom Strikes back edition....

on second thought, fine xbox have the exclusive, i played the game for day and a half from Gamefly and sent it back, its a clunky piece of shi----it...not even worth a look, and i've played every RESIDENT EVIL game released in USA(except 5 and the coming 6) and this by far is the worst of the bunch, and that's saying alot if u don't believe i've almost beaten all of the PSone "Classics" and those look like late 80s early 90s pc games with the controls being as good as they look, but they're still better then this Polished Turd...i guess wait til Super Raccoon City comes out or Ultimate Raccoon City: Arcade Edition or the Frank West edition(oh wait that would make this game an easy 8, give me a friend west skin with weapons and a camera and maybe a "fat" mega man skin both in Heroes Mode, or maybe Link(gba games are made in partnership with Capcom back in the day) Capcom fucks people over and every1 are such sadists we just bend over and take it like a Sex Toy or a High priced Hooker, now if only ZIpper when they were around could have made this game then maybe it wouldn't be a polished turd!

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