Ask me anything about Resident Evil Revelations.

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As is my understanding this game is not out in the US until some time next week or even later? It was released in the UK a couple of days ago and I happen to have a copy, I even have the 3DS Circle Pro Pad. I've played the game for 2 hours now so I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the game.

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How many residents are evil? How many revelations take place? How big is that boat? Are there any big booty mods for Jill somehow available?

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Can you switch screens so you can literally tap Jill's booty?

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@rjayb89 said:

Can you switch screens so you can literally tap Jill's booty?

Not so far, but I'm not even halfway.

@Zacagawea said:

Are there any big booty mods for Jill somehow available?

Her booty is big enough.

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Do you have the limited edition?

Now with more Engrish
#6 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

@kmg90: No, they did however give me a pre-order bonus for free because they had loads left over. Its an extras box but has a 3D cover, it also comes with a poster.

#7 Posted by DeF (5001 posts) -

@kmg90 said:

Do you have the limited edition?

Now with more Engrish

as you can see that's the US box. aside from being typo free, the EU version has the proper logo on the spine instead of plain text

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How far have you gotten in your 2 hours of play? Do you feel like there is plenty more game left?

#9 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

@Oscar__Explosion: Plenty I hope, doesn't feel to early, just got the Shotgun. Without spoiling to much I have played as three different characters in different locations so far.

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The game was about 7-8 hours long with me. But then there is the new game+ thing with the hell difficulty, the mission/achievement stuff for unlocking things and the co-op Raid mode with RPG elements to try and complete, level up, get better gear, etc. (though things are seperate, gear in raid mode dosn't carry over to story). Raid mode is 20 missions, and a bonus one on the basic difficulty, then a further 20 that you unlock for finishing them. So a decent amount of content really. Hope Raid mode is in RE6 rather than a mercenaries mode again.

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Another thing to note is this game is scary at times, put on some headphones, lock yourself in a dark room and it can be quite scary.

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How good is the Raid mode? Does it feel like a fully featured game mode, complete with plenty of stuff to do, or is it just some one-off thing that you have some fun with and then forget about? EDIT: Nevermind, the guy above me answered my Raid mode questions.

Also, how are the unlockables? Are there any? Is there a crazy huge list a la RE5?

Finally, controls with and without the Circle Pad. I saw the Quick Look and it didn't really sell it to Brad, but I'm wondering how others feel. Is it worth the extra money or can it be satisfactorily played without the Pad?

Finally finally, do you think this game is close to, or on par with, RE4 and 5? Worth buying a 3DS for? No system is worth it for just one game but I'd like to have a big one to look forward to.

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How many Weskers are in it.

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What the fuck is wrong with JIll's nose this time?

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@kmg90 said:

Do you have the limited edition?

Now with more Engrish

Is this real? If it is, how on earth did they mess that up? ...It made me chuckle though, so that's a pluss.

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  1. Not tried Raid mode.
  2. Not really played that far to say that.
  3. Controls without the circle pad not so great, controls with quite good.
  4. I haven't played enough yet, but RES4 and RES5 are so far better, only because there on a console though. This game has certain elements of older RES games as so far there has been a bit of backtracking.
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I just have 2 questions?

  1. What is the variety of enemies like?
  2. How big are Chris's arms?
#18 Posted by MattSchwabby (118 posts) -

@Hizang: How are the underwater parts. Long? I hate underwater parts in games.

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How are your Resident Evil skills?

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